Siblings March 2015

My two continue to get on well, continue to make each other howl with laughter and continue to make me smile. The energy levels in our home rise the moment that we step back into the house from collecting Boo from school as they know that they have an hour or so free to themselves to play before tea time, and they do make every minute count. At the weekends, as soon as breakfast is over, they’re off playing and creating together.

This month has seen so much imaginary play from them. Little Man is now two and a half years old and the things he comes out with, and the worlds that he frequently seems to inhabit are wonderful to hear about. I love listening to them, the dialogue and different voices that they use are brilliant and so funny. Boo is just coming up to five and a half now, and though she definitely still takes the lead in their play, she understands that her brother has his own ideas, often good ones too, so there’s more give and take than ever before. The dressing up box has never seen so much action, and I’m eaten daily by imaginary dinosaurs. Happy days!

Here they are this month…..

siblings march

siblings march 1

They both seem to be growing up so fast. I often forget that my boy is just 2 as he speaks so articulately and is lovely company each day. And Boo’s getting on well at school, reading and writing and learning so much about the world around her, and then enjoying imparting any new found wisdom upon us all. Their personalities are quite different, their temperaments worlds apart from one another, but they really couldn’t be closer to each other. What more could I wish for, especially on a special day like today, Mother’s Day?

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30 thoughts on “Siblings March 2015”

  1. Aww they’re just so sweet together and it sounds like they complement each other nicely which can only mean lots of wonderful adventures still to come!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, it is lovely when siblings get along so well and understand each other. It would be so easy for your daughter to want to take the lead on everything, but is mature (?) enough to know she shouldn’t.

    I love the happy contentedness on their faces in the photos…Priceless.

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      I’m so fortunate as they are contented, happy little souls. And yes, she’s very patient with her little brother x

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