Siblings March 2020

Having recently spent two weeks at Disney World in very close quarters with one another, these two are super close at the moment. They are spending all of their out of school time together playing and making up their own stories and games. It is all about imaginative play and there is usually lots of laughter and noise coming from their direction.

We first visited Disney World in 2018 when the kids were 8 and 5, and I can see how much more grown up they both are this time around, at 10 and 7. It really brought home to me how quickly they are growing and to be honest ‘Little Man’ is something of a misnomer as he is shooting up and did not stop eating on holiday! Whilst I can see that they have their moments now as Boo is moving from child to teen, they are still so very close and most of the time they just want to be together. We will see how long this lasts!

All of the photos this month are from our Disney World trip, as you’d expect…

Boo aged 10 years and 5 months old, Little Man aged 7 years and 6 months old. Love them.

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