Siblings May 2017

Last month’s Siblings post was right in the middle of the school holidays. They absolutely flew by. They also marked the very first holiday that Boo did not want to return to school after, very unusual for her. It made me wonder whether there was a problem at school, but no, I simply think she had a fabulous break and wanted to stay at home and play with Little Man every day!

They are the closest of friends. Yes, there’s the odd squabble over the TV remote (Little Man always wins), the flare ups over what to do next (Boo normally prevails), but generally they range from companionable silence to over-excited, running around loud play times! They never tire of each other, whether they’re playing Lego, superheroes or dancing around the kitchen, they’re always smiling and laughing.

I’ve noticed lately that Little Man prefers to walk to school with his sister and her friends now, no more holding onto Mummy’s hand for him. His confidence is soaring lately and Boo recognises it, too. He chose to start swimming lessons this month and Boo and I go along to watch him. You’d think she was the parent, not me. She helps him get ready, lovingly pops her arm around him on the walk to the changing room and tells him that ‘she’s so proud of him she could scream’. Yes, these two are close. And it’s lovely to see.

Boo aged 7 years and 7 months, Little Man aged 4 years and 8 months. Love them.

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