Siblings May 2018

We have actually had a little sunshine this month. Not much, but enough to get out and enjoy the garden and have a few days out.

Little Man and Boo are like chalk and cheese with most things, and the sunshine is no different. Boo loves the warmer weather, sees it as a chance to be outside all the time, invariably running around exploring everywhere. She’s always been the same, full of energy and curiosity. Little Man is more of an indoors, sedate kinda person! He’ll go out, then get bored quickly and retreat back inside, to Lego, Star Wars or the PlayStation. He does not tear about when it’s warm, instead he takes things more slowly, strolling around, probably the far more sensible approach when it’s hot!

It never ceases to amaze me how very different they both are, yet somehow their differences work as they are very close to one another. I suspect Boo’s endless patience with Little Man is a contributing factor, she is very easy-going and adores him. He gets away with far more with her than I’d let him! And he definitely looks up to her, loves playing with her and chatting with her about anything and everything.

There has been a lot of Disney talk and fun this month. With less than a week until we go now, the countdown has reached a fever pitch and the amount of time devoted to playing Disney games, watching Disney films and checking out the parks on YouTube has really gone up a notch! How am I going to get them to sleep the night before we fly?! I think there’s a fair chance that next month’s Siblings photos will come from Florida – that should be a fun one to write, let’s see how they get on together in the heat and madness of Disney World!

This month’s photos were taken at Calke Abbey, back when the sun shone brightly….

Boo aged 8 years old and 7 months, Little Man aged 5 years old and 8 months. Love them.

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