Siblings May 2019

The Easter holidays saw these two spending a lot of quality time together and we all loved it. We spent much of it at home, with friends and family popping in, though they also had a couple of adventures out with their grandparents. Boo and Little Man do get on very well and play happily together. It tends to take a few days for them to find their rhythm together, and from then on, they want to spend most of their time together, with the odd break where Boo takes herself off to her room to curl up with a book and step away from her little brother – they can have their moments!

They were both also kept busy wanting to play with and look after Herbie. Boo is brilliant with him and Little Man has grown really attached to him since the holidays. They love playing with him and now that he can go for walks, are keen to take him out and have weekend escapades with him.

Since returning to school, that closeness has yet to fade. They are falling back into playing with one another and the dog when they get home from school and at the weekends and I’ve rarely had to be referee mum this month. Is it the brighter weather? Is it their mutual adoration for Herbie? Or is the Easter chocolate still having an effect? Or perhaps, they are just hitting ages where I don’t need to get involved, they can sort themselves out? They’ve always been close, but things seem even easier lately. I don’t know, but it’s been good and long may it continue!

These photos were taken at the beautiful Shugborough Estate…

Boo aged 9 years and 7 months, Little Man aged 6 years and 8 months. Love them.

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