Siblings November 2016

Another month, another Siblings post. I have to admit, I am struggling to believe we’re in November!

The kids are in Christmas mode. Already. It’s kind of difficult for them not to be as everywhere they go there are adverts, signs and products promoting it, so of course to them it’s just around the corner yet the wait seems like it’s forever. They are happy, they are excited, and they are like little bottles of pop! They are always cheerful and play well together, but it’s like they’re on a permanent sugar rush this month and I can only see them getting even more excitable. It’s fun to see and I love listening in on their little chats about Christmas – what will happen, what they hope for, what they want to do. Boo’s already planning her Santa letter and has assured Little Man that she’ll put his request in for him, too. Little things like that sum up their relationship well, with Boo always looking out for her brother and him trusting her completely to take care of him and his needs.

This month’s photos were taken in a very ordinary place, amid a very ordinary occurrence. When Boo comes home from school each night, it’s as though they both have to have a mad hour with one another to make up for lost time! So whilst they were messing about in the living room (playing schools and practising forward rolls on this occasion) I paused them for a moment for a few photos…




Boo aged 7 years and 1 month, Little Man aged 4 years and 2 months. Love them.

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  1. Oh those photos are just gorgeous. Love the way Boo and Little Man are looking at each other in the last photo. Lovely that they are getting excited for Christmas and I loved Boo’s Christmas letter – so lovely that she asked for her brother first 🙂 #siblingsproject

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