Siblings November 2018

Is it just our household that is seeing excitement levels rising already? Thought not. Christmas is everywhere now, so my two are in the zone. They have a few things going on at school, too, so I can sense that over-excitement lurks just beneath the surface at all times. And if one of them gets excited, then yes, they take the other one with them.

They have been very close recently, following my update from last month where Boo was getting a bit frustrated with Little Man. I think now that she’s settled well into Year 4, things are calming back down a bit for her and she’s back to her easy-going self. Little Man has had a good start to Year 1, too, and both of them had glowing parents evenings. so all’s well.

They loved half term and we managed to get that balance of a few trips out in amongst plenty of time just playing at home and relaxing. We all enjoyed it, and as always, it went by far too quickly. They spent a lot of time either indulging in their love of imaginative play or colouring and drawing. It’s lovely to see them doing both, though I will say that the imaginative play can become somewhat raucous at times – I really don’t want to give you the impression of a perfectly serene household, no, no, no! They are so very close and therefore can club together and become crazier and gigglier (not sure that’s a word?!) and noisier, just feeding off one another’s hysteria!

I can’t believe that when I write this next month, the tree will be up, the countdown truly on and we’ll be just a week or two from Christmas Day. I am just imagining those excitement levels by that point!

I took these photos when we were over at Wightwick Manor a couple of weeks ago….

Boo aged 9 years and 1 month old, Little Man aged 6 years and two months old. Love them.

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