Siblings November 2019

You know that these two get along pretty well together. They always have, to be honest, and I do put a lot of that down to Boo’s easygoing temperament and her desire to nurture and look after her brother at all times. But I feel like they are closer than they have ever been lately. ‘Thick as thieves’ springs to mind.

Perhaps it is because Little Man is getting older. Perhaps it is because Boo has at last shown an interest in Little Man’s greatest love, video games. Perhaps it is because they both come together to do anything at all for Herbie. Or maybe it is a combination of a few factors, whatever it is I am enjoying it.

We had one of the easiest half terms that I can remember us having…well, ever. I enjoy the school holidays, but this one just flew by as the kids really didn’t need me. There weren’t moments when they moaned that they were bored, there weren’t requests for me to play with them. They didn’t even ask for snacks every half an hour! They just got up and played with each other each day, all day. I am now surplus to requirements it seems, and I am quite content to be sidelined.

Their latest loves are WWE (Little Man), all things puppy and animals (Boo) and Minecraft (both of them). They humour one another by talking about each other’s interests and playing games around them. I also like that they chat to each other about the books they are reading and there is now some crossover and discussions about their favourite authors. It’s good to see the common ground that they share, as they remain like chalk and cheese in their personalities.

I took this month’s photos when we were out in our local park with Herbie…

Boo aged 10 years and 1 month old, Little Man aged 7 years and 2 months old. Love them.

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2 thoughts on “Siblings November 2019”

  1. Gosh! I think I’ve missed seeing a few months of your Siblings posts. They are growing so fast!
    I am so glad your two are as thick as thieves. I hope it lasts as they get older. My two can’t stand each other at the moment. lol Gorgeous photos x

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