Siblings – November

We’ve recently had half term which meant that my two were reunited once more for a full week of play and adventures. It made me notice how much more mischievous Little Man is when his sister’s around, and how much Boo takes the lead in imaginative play, and her little brother willingly follows. There were no fights or squabbles, as that’s just not how these two operate. No, no, they gang up and cause me headaches, but never harm one another!

Here they are on a recent trip out, where they alternated between puddle-jumping , running and chasing each other, and climbing atop and in everything they could find. Childhood fun at it’s best….

siblings november1

siblings november2

siblings november3

siblings november

They are loud, they are happy, they are daredevils and they giggle conspiratorially when up to something. They are both balls of energy and whirlwinds, bringing out the crazy in each other whenever they are together. They frequently exasperate and exhaust me, but I wouldn’t have them any other way – my gorgeous, cheeky pair.

dear beautiful

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26 thoughts on “Siblings – November”

  1. Gorgeous photos – they look like they are having so much fun together and I especially like the black and white one of them sitting on the bench together

  2. Hi Jocelyn, what lovely pictures! It’s nice to see children playing outside in the fresh air.

    My two have always got along nicely. Catherine has always had a stronger personality and Greg’s although nearly three years older was always happy to let her take the lead. It is special when siblings get along as I know families where the children can barely spend time together before the fighting and squabbling starts.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Oh yes, I know plenty of siblings that don’t get on, which is so hard for the parents. Fortunately, my two are as thick as thieves! x

  3. Aww puddles are the best – and don’t they look like they’re having a wonderful time together. It is the best bit about having more than one child isn’t it, seeing them so happy together 🙂

    1. They are always really happy when together, varying from quiet contentment (rare!) to wild, giggling chaos! Thank you x

  4. Aww, these photos look absolutely packed full of autumnal childhood fun. What a great time they were both having. They sound so like my two as well, always conspiring on something and planning mischief. x

    1. They get on really, really well, but yes, they get each other all energised and excitable, which can be exhausting! xx

  5. I love that last pic where Boo has her tongue out and her brother is looking at her to follow her lead. They do have an incredibly special relationship x

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