Siblings October 2015

It’s time for me to pause and take stock of Little Man and Boo’s sibling relationship.

My girl is now a six year old. My baby, 6. She’s growing up all too fast, and to be honest, sometimes I have to remind myself that she is only 6 as she acts so grown up at times. As Little Man turned 3 last month, they have both had the fun of birthdays in recent weeks, including a big party for Boo and a trip to Thomasland for Little Man. It also means that we now have a lot more toys, books, crafts, you name it, we have it! So they’re spending all their time playing with their new things, yes? Er, no.

Little Man, as he has the days to himself when Boo’s at school, does play with his toys. Predominantly his Star Wars figures and toys, and there’s plenty of imaginary play going on. It’s lovely to see and listen in on, as he’s very articulate now, and the game play can be quite complicated! But then as soon as his big sister comes home from school, they don’t need toys. Oh no, not when they have each other.

My house turns from quite chilled out and peaceful to craziness and chaos the moment that she walks back in through the door. It’s not just Boo, it’s the combination of the two of them together, excited to see one another after a few hours apart. Some of their current favourite activities are popping all of the cushions on the floor (how does every child know to do this?!) and leaping on them and across them – hmm, I love that one. Then there’s playing ‘Star Wars’ and chasing around (they’re always on the Rebels side, of course), lining up the chairs to play buses, going on holiday and stacking up piles of luggage, being guinea pigs and taking it in turns to look after one another and playing mummy and baby. You may notice that none of these games actually involves any of their new toys. Ah well, they’re happy!

So here they are, my little pair this month, side by side as always….

siblings october

siblings october1

siblings october2

I can’t help but think that the day will come when they will tire of each other, when they will spend more time annoying than enjoying one another. I know they’ll still love each other, but maybe the adoration will wane. But we’re three years in now and there’s no sign of it yet – I’m enjoying every second of it while it lasts…..

dear beautiful

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14 thoughts on “Siblings October 2015”

  1. So so lovely to hear about their amazing imaginations and the worlds they create together. Such a wonderful relationship and though no doubt they will annoy each other at times over the years I think they have a foundation of a very very lovely strong relationship! Xx

  2. Hi Jocelyn, it is nice when siblings get on. My two have never really fought and even now as teenagers they do have their disagreements, but nothing major, which is a big relief.

    The concentration on your twos faces in the top photos is classic. And watching them together like that must be a joy. I can imagine you sitting opposite them sipping a coffee (bet if you got your study books out for a quick flick through their concentration would wane).

    Glad to hear that the jumping on Mums cushions game is still a popular one… Who needs toys!


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