Siblings October 2017

Another month, another Siblings update.

This month has seen another birthday here, this time it was Boo as she turned 8. I now have an 8 year old and a 5 year old, yet it feels like only yesterday that I had a baby and toddler. The time is flying by, and never have I felt it more than this past few weeks as both of my children are now in school. We’re hurtling towards half term here and I’m not sure where that time has gone!

Little Man seems to much more grown up and confident now that he’s at school. He has his own friends, is building his own social life as the party invitations roll in, and gets excited about his daily activities at school. He continues to adore his swimming lessons and Boo now joins him in the pool, albeit in a different class. Boo as always enjoys school life, loves seeing her friends each day and is enjoying the new challenges of learning to play the guitar and speak French this year.

They are doing so well, and then when they come together, it’s a real paradox at times. They seem much closer in age and play together happily as equals, then at other times, I think because her little brother’s at school with her, Boo mothers Little Man and does all she can to look out for him. I don’t think that will ever change. I’m 40, my brother’s 37 and I see him very much as my age, my friend, my ally, but then if he needs anything, I go into complete big sister mode looking out for him!

This month’s photos were taken after a visit to the Sea Life Centre as we wandered through Birmingham, the kids exploring a new park.

Boo aged 8 years old, Little Man aged 5 years and 1 month old. Love them.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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10 thoughts on “Siblings October 2017”

  1. Lovely siblings shots and I love that last one of them both. I know what you mean about how that sibling relationship goes from equals to big sibling mode at times – I have the same thing with my older siblings. It is lovely that they have such a close bond 🙂 #siblingsproject

  2. Oh my goodness don’t they look grown up? I feel like I spend so much time lamenting the lost years that have flown by but I love how you are embracing the new adventures and I think that is what I will have to do.

  3. Oh these are absolutely beautiful. How grown up do your two look. I love the back ground too! They are lovely and fun especially that end one striking a pose. Hope you have a lovely rest of the month ahead. #siblingsproject

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