Siblings October 2018

I’m not too sure where the last month has gone? Back at school, these two have settled back into the routine, have had lots of parties between them taking up our weekends and we’ve celebrated Boo’s 9th birthday. The time is flying by and we’re hurtling towards the end of the year.

I’ve noticed some changes in Little Man’s and Boo’s relationship over the last few weeks. As Boo is growing up, she’s becoming a little intolerant of her brother. She’s not always as keen to play with him as she once was. It’s hard for Little Man to understand as he really hasn’t changed, in fact if anything, I’d say he’s becoming that bit more mature, too. But he just wants to play with his big sister as he has always done, and she’s not as keen to do so any more. I do my best to mediate, trying to strike that balance between ensuring that Boo gets her much-needed time to herself, but still spending some time with her brother where possible.

But then just as I’m thinking that I’m seeing my girl drift away from her brother, she does something adorable. Last weekend we went shopping so that she could spend her birthday money. She was buying herself a bath bomb in Lush and Little Man was complaining that he wasn’t getting one (he spent his birthday money happily last month!), so she bought one for him, with her own money. So sweet! So maybe she does still quite like him?! And then just a few days ago, when these photos were taken, she went outside and got a game ready to play out there with him and was nagging him to hurry up and play with her. I think we’re in that in-between ground where he’s her constant playmate and best friend one minute and then her annoying little brother the next  – I just need to try to keep up with where we’re at at any given moment!

I took these photos after their karate lesson last week, making them pause their practice session for me….

Boo aged 9 years old and Little Man aged 6 years and 1 month old. Love them.

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2 thoughts on “Siblings October 2018”

  1. Oh these are gorgeous photos. How lovely of Boo to spend some of her birthday money on her little brother. It’s interesting to read how that sibling relationship is shifting as they both get older and Boo is starting to need that time for herself too. Love your new blog design by the way! 🙂

    1. Oh, it was so sweet of her! It’s definitely shifting, I just hope Little Man can keep up with the changes. And thank you!

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