Siblings – October

Boo had her 5th birthday last week, and Little Man turned 2 last month. It’s been a household full of excitement, celebrations, and with Boo starting school, changes.

Boo has settled in quickly at school and is doing well there, testing her new-found independence at every opportunity! Little Man is really coming into his own now with all of the extra time we have just the two of us, and with classes and groups most days, the changes in his confidence have been lovely to see. Their personalities are forming, they are like chalk and cheese in so many ways, but the love they have for each other just grows stronger.

They’re apart for most of the week now, but they definitely make up for lost time when Boo comes home each day and of a weekend. They shout, they dance, they sing, they scoot, they hug and they play, play, play! Little Man’s confident to stand up to his sister, and Boo is caring and protective of him so often allows him his own way.

It’s often the little things that make me the most proud of them. I picked her up from school without Little Man earlier this week, and it was so sweet to see him waiting at the window when we returned (my mum was with him, I hasten to add, not home alone!) and she shrieked excitedly when she spotted him, his face lit up, and he raced to the front door to greet her. There they had a big hug on the doorstep, it was adorable.

These are a few of my favourite photos of the two of them from this last month…

I love these dress up shots, with Little Man choosing pink sparkly shoes with his spider-man costume, as you can see both love and cheekiness!

dressing up

Both totally engrossed in a Zingzillas CBeebiesland performance, but still Boo pops her arm protectively about her brother…

Boo and Little Man Oct 1

And they just love cuddling up together, the weekends being all the more precious with Boo now at school, as they’ve time to run and play in each other’s rooms and jump in the beds…

Boo and Little Man Oct

They have their own lives, more so than ever now, but still they remain the best of friends. I am proud of my two often enough, but rarely more so than when I see them together, caring, playing, and most especially laughing.

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dear beautiful

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14 thoughts on “Siblings – October”

    1. Thank you. I love seeing them together, and school actually hasn’t been the wrench for them that I thought it would be, fortunately.

  1. Gorgeous photos – so much love in them and I love how excited Little Man was when Boo came home from school – your two clearly have such a wonderful bond and that shines through in the photos 🙂

    1. Thank you. They just adore each other, not to say they don’t have their moments, but they are few and far between, fortunately! x

  2. Awwwwww, just awwwww. These photos are all just so lovely. It sounds like you’ve been having a similar month to us; as you all get used to more time apart. But it’s just so worth it for the moments when they’re reunited isn’t it? My little girl practically screams her brother’s name as soon as she clamps eyes on him at preschool pick up time, it’s adorable!

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