Siblings September 2018

Little Man is now 6! Both kids loved celebrating his birthday a couple of weeks ago, on the last day of the holidays. It was lovely to see how excited Boo was for him all day, how keen she was to make sure that he was having a good day and how much he hugged her to thank her for his gift. But then the holidays already seem like a dim and distant memory now.

The kids are back to school, and how those holidays flew by. Boo is now in Year 4 and Little Man in Year 1. As expected, Little Man wasn’t keen on returning to school, but he’s actually been a lot more settled this week. Boo was fine about going back and is really enjoying Year 4 so far.

They have both started an after school club together, karate. It makes a change for them to both be learning something at the same time, as Boo is normally a few steps ahead being the oldest. They are enjoying it, and I love peeking at them as they finish up when I collect them. They are always right next to each other, with Boo helping Little Man at the end to gather his things together.

It’s interesting seeing how they are both adjusting to the routine again, and how this affects their relationship with one another. Little Man wanted his own way all the time for the first few days, a reaction to the boundaries at school, no doubt. And Boo just rolled with it. This week she’s been more full of herself, and consequently Little Man’s had to adjust to her and he’s not great at that! Little Man has always liked to get my attention, and being away from me at school again this has intensified. But of course Boo wants to tell me all about her day, so there’s been bickering and arguing. I try to head it off before it starts, I know them well enough to anticipate these moments, but when it does it soon calms down. I think that’s what’s so special about siblings, they can argue then be cuddling one another within seconds, no need for explanations.

Here we have the good old back to school shots, one good, one…not so good…

Boo aged 8 years and 11 months old, Little Man aged 6 years old. Love them.

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