Siblings September 2019

And just like that, the summer holidays are over and we are back to school. The time really does fly by.

Boo is now in Year 5 and Little Man is in Year 2, and both are settling in well. They are both happy with their new teachers and are getting used to all of the new routines. They don’t see much of each other at school though they do bump into one another at playtime sometimes. Little Man is discovering the joys of being the younger sibling as he has one of Boo’s old teachers teaching him Maths this year so he’s already been asked if he’s her little brother. Same with his PE teacher and a cover teacher he has once a week. Poor boy! He tells me he will not only live up to her standards but he will be better than her and wow them – go for it!

They are both back at karate together and they have joined a language lunchtime club this year. Boo Spanish and Little Man French – they won’t even be able to converse together! It’s nice to see them excitedly talking about it all, though.

Outside of school, we have had a seventh birthday here and Little Man loved it. It was the first he’s had at school, it was actually the first day back to school. He enjoyed it and we are now on the countdown to Boo’s 10th birthday, in just over a fortnight’s time. They both get excited about each other’s birthdays so they have two to enjoy just a month apart.

The biggest change in their relationship over the past month has been in the games consoles department. Yes, I am talking gaming. My boy’s been a gamer since he was three years old, he adores them. However, Boo has never been that interested until this summer and the two of them like to play together now. Which is sort of nice. And then sort of not nice! It’s another screen to argue over other than the TV, and I can honestly say these pair rarely argue and when they do, there is normally a screen involved. So on the good days I love seeing them discussing their tactics and builds together, on the bad I curse the invention of these things!!

Here they are this month, on a day out to Blackpool. The lovely folks at Merlin Attractions invited us to visit a few of their Blackpool sights and the kids had a blast…

Boo aged 9 years and 11 months old, Little Man aged 7 years old. Love them.

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