Siblings September

My two had a lovely summer together. Sure there were the odd fractious moments, but all in all, they got on brilliantly well and the house was filled with shouts, giggles and a lot of activity!

siblings september

siblings sep

And now everything changes. Now my big girl is at school. It’s early days, but signs are good so far, as she’s really enjoying it. But it means that the siblings are apart, which they’re not used to. I suspect Boo forgets about Little Man when she’s busy at school, playing and making new friends, but when she’s back home, she’s been all the more eager to see him each morning. Little Man asks for her in the day. We’re nice and busy, going to new classes and groups, and then after his lunch and nap-time, we’re picking Boo up from school again so he doesn’t have much time to miss her. Maybe it’s just me that feels sad about them spending less time together. I can’t see it weakening their bond, and I can only see that doing things separately is good for them. I just miss the playtimes, the chaos, even the noise! Ah, I guess that’s what the weekends are for…?!

dear beautiful

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24 thoughts on “Siblings September”

  1. that looks like a pretty solid bond – I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a little time apart – and I’m sure once the weekend comes you’ll be thinking fondly of the quieter moments!!

  2. Ah the changes of the sibling dynamics when school starts is always weird but before long it’ll all seem quite normal – until they both are at school, then they’ll be as thick as thieves all day long again! x

  3. I think they’ll love having time to themselves and enjoy their time together even more! And think of all the new things Boo will learn that she can then teach to Little Man. Gorgeous photos.

  4. Aw they look so cute together! We’re going through exactly the same thing – Gwen really misses Austin, and keeps asking for him. I have to say I’m finding it stranger than I thought, to not have him here in the afternoons. I miss my little boy too!

  5. Beautiful photos. It must be so strange for them both when one starts school and they are separated in the day having been used to being together but it sounds like they are both coping quite well with the change and their sibling bond is still as strong as ever x

    1. I’m not sure Boo think about it at school, though she definitely cuddles him more at home. Little Man is relishing mummy time, I think! Thanks, Louise x

  6. LP starts nursery on friday and I think that Little Man will be missing her more than she will be missing him so I can relate to your post completely. Your two look so comfortable and happy together x

  7. Gorgeous photos, I love the black and white one. I found when Meg went to school that it took Eli longer to adjust but as soon as Meg was back home, it was like they hadn’t spent any time apart. If anything, as they’ve got older having their own space during the day has helped to make them a little bit more tolerant! #siblings

    1. Thanks, Jess. Little Man seems to be quite enjoying it, and then as soon as she’s home, yes, like they haven’t been apart!

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