Signs of Spring

I’ve been out in the garden a bit this past week, grabbing the few moments when it was actually dry to have a nose about at what’s been happening. I’ve been pleased to find that amongst the plants dying down and berries dropping, there are also signs of new life emerging, which has me thinking that spring could be on it’s way…








And I liked finding this little chap…


I’m loving seeing signs that it may all be about to burst back into life, but it is also a reminder that I really need to get back on track with Project Garden with spring around the corner. Back to planning and grafting, so more on that soon…!

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43 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. blank

    So exciting to see the signs of spring appearing in the gloomy weather.
    Nearly time to get out there and continue the gardening!
    Can’t wait to see your bulbs in bloom aswell.

  2. blank

    Lovely pics! Now I am wondering if you can help with my quest to find out what one of my plants is as you have the same in your 4th pic down!! 🙂

  3. blank

    It makes me so happy to see buds and things poking out of the ground – come on Spring – hurry up and bring some sunshine with you!

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing sweetie x

  4. blank

    You’re doing well. I will Tweet you some nice lighting ones I found in my files and 3 snails too. I really like the bud along with photos 2 and 3. Very nice. The camera I have has a super macro setting and also a tremendous zoom so it’s the only model I’ve found to cover both types of shot which is great. I’ve had others do one or the other but not both.It’s better to have a camera you don’t need to mess around with lenses that does the lot and can go in your pocket or round your wrist.That works best for me.

  5. blank

    Lovely pics to see. I’ve definitely noticed the days getting that little bit longer now, even with the weather being dismal. Spring will be sprung before we know it! Which means our garden will badly need sorting… oh well, husband better get his gloves on (.

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