54 thoughts on “Silent Sunday & Week 20 #Project52”

  1. Remind me to never look at #SilentSunday pictures first thing in the morning. #Confused. When I first saw this, I couldn’t figure out how she was sitting on the pony with her foot touching the ground. A coffee and breakfast later and I realise that it is actually a stool her foot in on. Great picture and perfect activity! Love it x

  2. Someone must have had a great time! I love the fact she is managing to give the horse a brush as well as riding it! Mel #SilentSunday

    1. Oh, that’s a shame. She’s yet to have a proper ride, but we will soon. I used to ride as a teen, so fancy having a go again!

  3. What fun she is having and what a gentle looking pony she is grooming. My youngest is getting some free riding lessons at school this term due to funding associated with The World Equestrian Games which are taking place in Normandy later this year. He’s loving it. Must be taking after me as I spent many years helping out out in my parents’ stables.

  4. Brave girl – that would have freaked me out! JJ expressed an interest in a pony ride at one of the NT Easter Egg trails but we didn’t have time and I don’t know if he would have been OK about it or not… #SilentSunday

    1. She was fine. He didn’t move, just a quick sit session, but I’m sure she’d have loved to ride. Nothing to be scared of!

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