56 thoughts on “Silent Sunday & Week 22 #Project52”

    1. We always have rolls of lining paper in, as it is always more interesting to draw on than paper, apparently!

  1. Lovely pic, I bet they were entertained for ages. I remember when I was little I loved drawing so much my mum used to buy cheap rolls of white wallpaper for me to draw on as I got through so much paper!

    1. Yes, we have loads of lining paper in! It kept them amused for a moment, then there were off running about again! It’s the small one that’s more troublesome….!

  2. I love how they’re drawing together, such great ages where they can do things together – I’m willing us to get to that point but don’t want to get there too quickly either! x

    1. Erm…not sure I want Boo’s coloured in footprints and Little Man’s scribbles on my walls. Terrible mum, I know…!

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