62 thoughts on “Silent Sunday & Week 9 #Project52”

  1. How lovely to see young siblings engaging well together in activities (insert ironic tone in my voice as I take a quick glance at my photo this week). Gorgeous picture – and I definitely have Thomas and Friends envy with that huge book with interactive buttons!

  2. I love the calmness of when the boys are reading…I can’t really say quietness because it is a mix of reading AT each other or the random discussions their books generate.

  3. They are such little bookworms! I sometimes wonder whether EJ would be more into books than he is if he had a big sister rather than a big brother…

  4. Adorable photo – together but in their own worlds. We adore button press books here too (current favourite for 17mo is Aliens love underpants with very silly noises) and our 5 yo likes Find Chaffy which I think is similar!

    1. Thank you. My son’s just 18 months today, & he does love his books! Probably not as much as the 4yo, though – she’s a real bookworm!

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