Silver Linings

Do you look for these? Are you always on the lookout for a silver lining? There will be one.

The trick is actually finding it, and I know this can be hard sometimes. 

When it’s hard, you do have to look harder. The silver lining might not be as bright, you might have to really squint to see it!

But it’ll be there.

It can be anything at all, big or small. 

I find silver linings all the time, it’s in my nature to look for positives. 

I do it naturally, without thinking about it, without having to make much of an effort.

It makes a real difference. A bad day can feel the worst, bad news can be hard to take and a bad situation can feel like endless doom and gloom. 

But there will be a silver lining.

You will be able to find a positive, even if the only positive spin that you can put on it is that there could always be something worse. This one does have to suffice at times!

I realise that this isn’t something that everyone can do so easily, but if it can be done, it does help to get through things.

If it’s not a natural thing for you do, I’d say that a daily gratitude practice can be beneficial here, as the idea is that you look for something, or a few things, to be grateful for every day.

Once you get into the swing of this one, you will find it easier and easier to come up with things to be grateful for.

Following positive social media accounts or signing up for their newsletters is also a great way to sprinkle some positivity and silver linings thought processes into your life.

Instagram accounts like Justalittlebitofpositivity and Positivelypresent can help you see things from a fresh perspective and are handy little daily reminders. 

Silver linings make everything that little bit brighter, that little bit easier, so do train yourself to look for them. 

They are there.

How do you find this one? Can you aways find a silver lining?



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6 thoughts on “Silver Linings”

  1. As I’ve just said to you on IG, my silver lining is having made so many book and kindle purchases, I have a home library to ease the waiting times and what if thoughts. And I can think back to worse times and know I came through those stronger, different, better.

  2. Every day find something to be grateful for and some days it is hard but there’s always some positive in the day, even if it’s just the fact I got through it. There are silver linings to most things, you are right. You’ve just got to look for them. x

  3. I am very much someone who naturally looks for the silver lining to anything negative. It keeps the negative from taking over and weighing heavily on me. I will also find a way to reset (reading, crafting, cleaning…), so that I can clear my head of whatever was a negative focus as that reset brings that mountain back to being that little mole hill.

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