Simba Hybrid® Duvet Review

I received a Simba Hybrid® Duvet FOC to write this review, all opinions are my own

We’ve been using the Simba Hybrid® Duvet for a couple of weeks now, so today I want to share with you our thoughts on this product.

When I was contacted about this review, I had heard of Simba and knew it was a well respected brand. I’d only heard good things about it so I decided to take a closer look. The reviews looked good, the product technology interesting and then I saw the price of the Simba Hybrid® Duvet, and my initial thoughts were that I wouldn’t usually spend that much on a duvet. Which then got me curious, I wanted to see why the price, why the rave reviews and what makes this duvet different to the ones I’ve slept under all of my life.

The Product

Simba says:

This luxurious 10.5 Tog duvet is suitable for year-round use. Our Simba Renew Bio™ fill ensures wonderful, down-like softness and warmth, as well as superb breathability for a non-clammy feel; the fresh, cotton outer features our ingenious Stratos® temperature control tech to help dissipate excess heat.

They offer free next day delivery, and all Simba deliveries are carbon neutral. 

We always use a 10.5 Tog duvet year round, so I was interested to see if I could see and feel a difference. 

Initial Impressions

On arrival, it came in a handy storage bag. On getting it out, I would say that it looked and felt different to any duvet we’ve had before. 

You can see the difference in the layers, it’s nicely edged and feels less dense to the touch. 

The top layer has the Stratos® cool-touch tech which is designed to draw heat away and provide an instant cooling sensation.

The middle section of the duvet is the Simba Renew Bio™ fibres, designed to offer non-clammy warmth. Underneath this is the pure cotton cover.

I liked that it’s stitched into squares so it doesn’t all clump on one side, during use or washing. It can be washed on a 40° cycle, it fits in the drum of my machine, and can be tumble dried on a low heat.

On popping it on our bed it filled the duvet cover nicely, looking nice and plump. It felt nice and light and I found this made it a little easier than normal to change the duvet cover. 

Thoughts After Using It

On the very first night using this, we did think it was ‘noisier’ than our old duvet, but not to the point it was an issue and it certainly wasn’t noisy enough to wake us! We’re used to it now and no longer notice it. 

It definitely feels warmer faster when you first get into bed. We’ve been testing this out during a particularly cold snap here and we’d normally get into bed and it’d feel cold for a few minutes, whereas with this we’re warm more or less straightaway. 

That light feeling continues, it feels gentle on your body when you’re underneath it. It feels airy, whilst also keeping you warm and cosy. 

We’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and at no point in that time have I woken up feeling overheated, which did happen before due to the medication I take. It’s surprised me how well it works like that and as such, I do feel I’m getting a better night’s sleep. 

We’ve yet to try it in the warmer months, so it’ll be interesting to see how the technology works to cool us down then. 

Do I think it’s worth the rave reviews? Yes, I absolutely do.

Do I think it’s worth the price tag? Again, yes, I understand that now.

Would I pay that much for a duvet normally? Nope! I usually pay £30-40 for a king size duvet, in fact I bought one a few weeks ago for my daughter at that price.

Assuming that this one lasts well for many years, I would buy another when the time eventually comes to replace it. 

This is one of those products that you don’t realise how good it is until you’ve tried it and then the positive reviews all make sense. 

I’d say that it’s without doubt the best duvet we’ve ever had.

Disclosure: I received a Simba Hybrid® Duvet FOC to write this review, all opinions are my own

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