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Simple Inexpensive Ways To Brighten Your Home

The chances are that you are spending a fair bit of time in your home at the moment. Even if you’re still out to work each day, you are probably at home the rest of the time, or on a walk of course, as that’s just about all there is to do! With that in mind, I thought today I would share a few simple inexpensive ways to brighten your home, easy little things that you can do to spruce things up.

Clean and tidy

This is probably the first place to start with this one.

I know it seems so obvious, but sometimes just having a good tidy up in a certain room can really make a difference. It can improve the space and cheer you up, getting an area all cleaned up and looking good.

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Declutter it

This is often the next step after you have had a good tidy up.

I often find myself decluttering as I tidy up anyway. At other times, I have deliberately set out to declutter a certain room or space.

It might be that you have built up clutter in a cupboard or you might feel that a room or two would benefit from a good old clear out. These decluttering tips might come in handy if you decide to give this one a go.

Search for forgotten treasures

Now, you might manage to hit upon this one if you are in the midst of a declutter, but if not, set out to find something. 

Most of us have things lying around our homes that we have completely forgotten about. Have a little root through your cupboards and see what you can find. It might be different ornaments, vases, duvet sets, throws, absolutely anything that you can find that you have not had out for a while, that could make a room extra cosy or brighten it up. 

It will give your home a fresh look and you’ll be pleased with yourself for reviving a forgotten treasure. 

Go for flowers

Flowers instantly brighten a room up, so grab some on your grocery shopping trip and enjoy seeing them bloom. 

If flowers are not your thing, you know I am always going to suggest house plants! These are easy house plants to get you started. 

Change up your pictures

If you have photos and picture frames hanging around your home, perhaps you could freshen them up and add new prints or photos?

Alternatively, you might want to hang a few new ones or create a gallery on an empty wall. 

A lick of paint

Yes, this one does require some investment, but paint can often be inexpensive or maybe you already have some lying around in your shed? You might even want to mix a couple of pots together to come up with a brand new colour. 

This one need not be a full on project, you might just find that you can paint one wall and make it a feature wall, completely changing the look of your room.  

Rearrange your furniture

This one requires a little bit of forward thought and planning and some energy!

Whilst it is the biggest undertaking on this list, it is also the one likely to give you best results and the greatest impact, and as a bonus, it is completely free to do. 

When was the last time that you rearranged your furniture, or maybe even switched your rooms around? 

Have a little look around and think about how you might be able to set up your room differently. Move things around and it will feel like you are walking into a brand new room.

I hope these suggestions have helped? Perhaps one of these suggestions has triggered a project or an idea, and if so, have fun with it!

What would your top tips around this be? 

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  1. What great advice, I certainly need to take some of it for my home, especially decluttering my bedroom. To many clothes and books!

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