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Last week the children and I were invited to a Skribbies pop-up shop, at the Bull Ring, in Birmingham. So I packed an excited Boo into the car, along with her somewhat nonplussed brother, and off we went. This is what we found..

skribbies display

Skribbies are shoes that children can customise. The launch collection includes three different coloured high-tops, in Neon Black, Blue Blue and Pink Red, sizes UK Kids 10 – Adult size 3, retailing at £39.99. There will also be low-tops coming soon, in other colours.


With the trainers (Boo naturally chose pink!), come a pack of 6 felt tips, stickers and a wristband. Boo loves wearing her wristband whilst she creates, as it’s designed to rub off any mistakes/changes as you’re working, and also hold a felt tip in there, too.

The shoes are a very comfortable fit, according to Boo. The high-tops on them ensure her ankles are well-supported as she runs about the place. She loves drawing anyway, so the novelty of drawing on her trainers has gone down well! She’s actually just gone out with her dad today, proudly wearing them, and I’ve no doubt she’ll return and redesign them!

She’s been creating, directing her cousin to draw, and I found the husband scribbling on them the other night, too..!

skribbies creations

I’d say that the best thing about them is how easily the designs can be rubbed off and started again, without leaving marks on either the trainers or the furniture. However, this is also the downside, as the problem with that is that sometimes they come off without Boo wanting them, too, and if she’s kneeling and they rub off, she tends to be unhappy! I do think that at £39.99, they’re a little pricey, and we do like our trainers here. But, they do not have the entertainment factor, and of course, there are the accessories that come with these trainers that will inevitably bump the costs up.

They are fun, they are supportive, they are well-made, they are comfortable, and Boo loves them!

Jennifer at Skribbies has just found out she’s a semi-finalist in the Virgin Media Pitch to Rich competition, too, so if you like the look of these, please take a moment to vote for her, as I have just done, by the 23rd April.

Disclosure: We received a pair of Skribbies FOC for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions remain my own.

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44 thoughts on “Skribbies – Review”

  1. ooo ive never heard of skribbies before, they do look like a lot of fun and I can see where it allows children to be creative etc, but I think my youngest son would have a mini melt down if his design wiped off :/.. I like the idea of them. x #TriedTested

  2. I love the way the whole family has to get in on the act. We currently have one pair completely covered and the other with just a couple of little marks on, my girls are so different!

  3. I’m not massively keen on teaching kids to draw on things that aren’t usually meant to be drawn on BUT she seems to love these so it can’t be a bad thing really. Such a different concept! x

    1. I know what you mean, but I think that’s why the sizes start at a 10, because by then the kids are likely to be 4/5 and should understand and know better. If this was for my 1 year old, it’d be a worry!

    1. Ah yes, that’s why they start at a size 10, as kids should know better by then. if I did this with my 19 month-old, I feel there would be repercussions!

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