The Sleepover

Boo’s been asking for a sleepover for some time now. With whom, you may well ask? Well, just her little brother, so she won’t be far away!

It finally happened last weekend. Whilst the children were eating their tea, I nipped upstairs and pulled out Little Man’s trundle bed and got Boo’s bed ready for her first ever sleepover.

the sleepover

It’d be fair to say that when she discovered it, she was excited!

OK, so it didn’t go quite to plan. Little Man wasn’t keen on having a guest in his room, initially, so he took a few minutes to settle down. After that, all went quiet and the both slept well. Until around 2am when Little Man’s shout woke us and he’d managed to fall out of bed and wedge himself between his bed and Boo’s! He hasn’t fallen out of bed since his first week in it, so I can only guess that he was leaning over towards his sister in the night, and leant that bit too far! I then awoke to hear him saying his sister’s name over and over until she responded to him, at 5.30am. She didn’t really want to be awake then, and I wanted her to get more sleep, too, so I popped him into our bed, and I went into his bed. Turns out she was fully awake by 6 and moaning at me for not making the sleepover more fun as I wanted to go back to sleep myself! I gave in and we lay and played word games for an hour, before agreeing that it was late, and clearly time to get up then.

Despite it all seeming a little dull, Boo declared when asked later that day by her uncle, that she had had the best time ever and wanted to do it again and again. So it seems a new tradition has begun here that I’m sure will get to be more fun as they grow.

I have such fond memories of having ‘sleepovers’ with my brother, too. They involved sweets and choc ices and The Cosby Show on a small portable TV in his room. It seems it didn’t take a lot to make me happy either! I just know, though, that these will be the little things that make up the fabric of their childhood, a happy one, I hope.

the ordinary moments

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48 thoughts on “The Sleepover”

  1. Oh poor boy getting stuck in the bed! And for all the bed hopping it does sound very sweet and the simplest sort of fun – I’m glad she liked it (and the choice ices and telly version sound fun when they’re older too!)

  2. Awww that looks so snuggly! I love it when siblings get on so well and do things like this!
    PS I JUST bought that same bedspread for my boy on thursday – its lush isn’t it?

  3. This will be one of the stories you’ll laugh when you’re telling them about it in the future! My brother used to get me out of bed to play battleships in the middle of the night, so I can understand her annoyance at being awake at 5:30am!

    Sammy xo.

  4. This is so cute! Hilarious that he managed to fall out of bed and wedge himself in the gap, and I love him saying her name over and over in the morning too, so cute! Monkey and LM will have to share a room when we go on holiday later this year as we have a 2 bedroom place, I hope they enjoy sharing as much as this! xx

    1. Yes, that’s partly what prompted it, as these two will share a room for the first time on holiday at Easter, too, so thought I’d get them used to it! x

  5. I was thinking recently about holidays and how much easier it would be if the children could share a room – but they’ve never slept in the same room. A sleepover at home may be just the thing! x

  6. I have a friend who allows her two to have sleepovers every weekend. I think it’s cute. Shame about the falling out of the bed moment, hopefully it won’t have put him off for next time!

    1. Yes, that’s what my brother and I used to do, every Friday night, and we loved it! I doubt that’ll put him off, he’s fairly hardy! x

  7. Hi Jocelyn,

    What a precious story! I have such wonderful memories of having sleepovers with my brother and sister. As a matter of fact my two youngest, my teenage daughters, still have sleepovers with one another to this day.

    I’m sure Little Man did exactly what you said and leaned just a little too much over the side of the bed to look at his sister. They sound like they are very fond of each other. I have no doubt that there will be many more years of these sweet bonding moments. Thanks so much for sharing this precious story.

    Wishing you a fabulous week!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

  8. Aw this is so cute, I am glad they had a good sleepover, even if it didn’t quite go according to plan! I read it with interest as we are very soon going to be putting our girls into a joint room together so we can get a study back to work. I am so nervous about it because my two are the best sleepers and I have a feeling it’s going to ruin it a little. 😉

    1. Hmm, there’s always that risk, isn’t there?! I was amazed by how easily and quickly they settled to sleep, as I thought they’d mess about, so you may be OK! x

  9. Hehe! My sister and I used to have Sleep Overs in the spare room! They were so much fun and we’d always get into trouble 🙂 We still have sleepovers now when we get home and haven’t seen each other for a while 🙂

  10. Hi Jocelyn, how sweet. I grew up sharing a room with my sister and now my two have to share a room (which we have divided), so spending the night with a brother and sister sharing secrets and nibbling our way through a midnight feast wasn’t our idea of fun.

    The reality was that me and my sister each wanted a room of our own, which happened in our mid teens…And our two would like rooms of their own now, but neither one of them wants to move to a bigger house, so until that changes we will stay put, as our happiness as to where we live far out weighs the need to move.

    1. Ah, a very different situation then. For mine, it’s an occasional treat, but I would suspect that as they grow up, they’d want their own space x

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