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My daughter has become obsessed with dust mites. Yes, it’s a strange one. You see I made the mistake of telling her that they exist and now she fears that they are everywhere around her. Why was I even foolish enough to tell her about them? Well, we’ve been sent samples from Slumberdown’s new Fresh & Healthy range, designed to prevent dust mites, mould and fungi existing in the bedding. Clever, eh?

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Slumberdown have designed a brand new Fresh & Healthy range, launching this weekend.

At least 12 million Brits suffer from allergies caused by dust mites, which are widely recognised by health professionals as one of the major triggers of night time allergy and asthma attacks, along with mould and fungi. It’s estimated around 10 million dust mites live in the average bed, and in many cases up to a third of the weight of a two year-old pillow is made up of dust mites and dead skin cells. By preventing dust mites from existing inside the bedding, Fresh & Healthy helps to improve the comfort of night time allergy sufferers by helping them breathe with ease. Dust mites multiply in warm, humid temperatures, which is why Slumberdown is launching the new range this summer.

The fact about the weight of the two year old pillow? Yuck!

The range will be stocked at Argos, with the following RRPs:

Kids Bed Set Cotbed Size £14.99
Bed in a Bag Set (includes single duvet and pillow) £14.99
Single Duvet Tog £19.99
Double Duvet Tog £24.99
King Size Duvet 10.5 Tog £29.99
Pillows from £9.99 for a pack of 2

We’ve been using our Slumberdown Fresh & Healthy duvet and pillows, and so far, we’re very happy with them. Where the pillows are concerned, I have to admit to some concerns as the Husband is weird about his pillows. He likes to get new ones fairly regularly and is so picky about them. They can often give him neck ache and back pain, but I am pleased to report that so far, so good with these ones. We have the firm pillows, and I’m finding mine to be really comfortable and no neck ache for the Husband either.

Both the Husband and I are allergy sufferers. We both get hayfever, though I get mine in the springtime with the tree pollen and he gets his in the summer with grass pollen. We are both allergic to cats and many furry animals and I am also allergic to certain types of hay, which I discovered when we moved our guinea pigs indoors to live with us. Fortunately, I have found one that I am OK with, and happily neither of us are allergic to our pets. With us suffering from allergies, this bedding really appeals, and I do suspect that though the kids show no signs of suffering at the moment, they may well in the future as we were both OK as young children, too.

As to whether the Fresh & Healthy range has helped with our allergies, it’s really too soon to say, as we’re not currently suffering from any flare ups. However, I do feel that it makes sense to buy this bedding whenever we are looking to replace what we have as the prices are reasonable, preventing bedding nasties can only be a good thing for our health and it’s all machine washable so easy to care for. I’ve a suspicion that I’ll be buying some bedding for Boo sooner rather than later now that she knows about dust mites and it is troubling her!

Slumberdown are also running their #MiteyCreation promotion now, where they are asking children to design their own dust mites. The winning creation will be made into a real life stuffed toy for the child to keep, so to get involved, just tweet a picture of it to @SlumberdownUK with the #Miteyc=Creation hash tag. My pair have made theirs and had a lot of fun doing so…

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OK, to be fair, I wouldn’t want those in my bedding either! But not to worry, as this new bedding will banish them…

What do you think of this new Fresh & Healthy range? Something for your family?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Slumberdown

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  1. I think I could do with something like this for my husband. He has eczema and hay fever and is forever itchy. This would be the (hopefully) cooking freshener he needs!

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