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As you’ll know, I work from home. It’s a funny thing, working from home for yourself, as you choose your own hours, work out your own ethics and practices and create your own work space. For me, that work space is a desk in a room that also functions as a playroom for the kids and houses our guinea pigs in their huge enclosure. With multi-purposes, I do what I can to make it feel professional and nice to work in, which is where my lovely new addition comes in.

Thanks to SmartSign, I have a new sign and I absolutely love it….

It now sits just above my PC and desk and makes me feel very professional as I am working away.

What I like most about it is how much the colours all pop out, and the size and shape is just what I was looking for.

It is made from aluminium so it will certainly be long lasting and as you can see it comes with little holes in it to ensure that it can be easily attached to walls, shelves or posts. It could even go outside if I fancied dubbing the house The Reading Residence and popping it by the front door!

It was simple enough to order it. I sent SmartSign my blog logo header, just as I had it saved on my computer, and they created this for me from that design. They can create signs for indoor and outdoor use, aluminium or plastic, so there are plenty of options available.

I now have a sign that will last me for as long as I want it to….and a reason not to change my blog header and logo for some time!

SmartSign Blogger Challenge

I absolutely love my custom SmartSign, and I’m so happy to be able to share the opportunity for you to win your own custom sign, plus a $500 Amazon voucher.

To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, all you have to do is write and share a blog post explaining what your custom sign would look like, and why.

We’d also like you to include an image of your proposed sign design in your post. Feel free to be as creative as you like in your design – if you can think it, SmartSign can make it!

Your design can be a photo of a sketch, or something you’ve created using an online tool – it’s completely up to you.

Some tips on what to include in your post:

– What words and images would be on your sign? Would it be your blog logo? A favourite quote? A warning sign for your neighbourhood?

– What shape and materials would you use? Do you love specific colours because they remind you of something special?

– Where would you like the sign to be displayed? Is it for your home office, outside your home, or in a neighbourhood building?

How to Enter

– We’d like you to publish your competition entry before 22 June 2017. Your post must include the statement: “This post is an entry into the #MyCustomSign blogger challenge”

– Please also share your post on Twitter using the hashtag #MyCustomSign and tagging @tots100

– Make sure your post is live, and you’ve added a link to the Linky at the bottom of this post no later than 26 July 2017

– One winner selected by SmartSign at the end of the competition will win a $500 voucher and their custom sign. One runner-up will also win a custom sign design.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

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