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It’s Bring Back Paper day, and today that means that I’m sharing with you a guest post all about Smashbooking, from the lovely Steph at Misplaced Brit….

MisplacedBrit Smashbook

There are many moments when we might think of picking up a pen and paper, stickers, glue, colours, washi tape. There’s a tingling at the end of our fingers. Without realising it we’ve leant right in, too.

A sensible person would give in. Create.

Do you?

One of the perils of perfectionism is not just doing!

Trying to figure out every little detail in advance before even daring to make a mark.

What’s the BEST thing to do?

The kind of retoric that leaves us exploding with ideas, but seeing none of them through.

I’m sure creative perfectionists must be some of the most frustrated people on earth!

Who knew?

I love the look of scrapbooking. The perfect pages, textures and colour match.

But the image of perfection also holds me back, that’s the catch.

As if every square scrapbook paper page is a comodity with the value of gold. I sit and stare and ponder.

As if every word needs to be lifted with the perfect medium, I wait to write.

Should I use a pen? What colour? stickers? What kind? And don’t squander!

I’m going to learn to do it right!

In the meanwhile, what about Smashbooking?

I’ve tried to find a definition. What’s it all about?

In the absence of someone else’s wisdom, I’ll tell you what I’ve figured out.

Smashbooking is in a book, not individual pieces of paper. You’re as welcome to scribble as you are to write. Crazy, muddled, messy seems far more common place than neat and ’right’.

MisplacedBrit Smashbook

Well, I’m yet to embrace the truly messy, but I’m out there and I’m going to try.

So here’s a taster of a project. A year book for Miss 6. Ideas, I hope might remind you of how fun it is to cut and stick!

Her first day home.

MisplacedBrit Smashbook

Her qualities & nicknames.

MisplacedBrit Smashbook

Her tiny hands and toes.

hands and feet

Her favourite food.

MisplacedBrit Smashbook

Laying in her Baby Björn.

And mama striking a pose!

Thanks, very much Steph! An inspiring post and a gorgeous smashbook. You can find Steph on Twitter, G+, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Well, I’m now thinking I need some smashbooking in my life, too! How about you? Is this something you do, or are you now tempted?

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