Smile #SpreadALittleHappiness

Today, I want to start the day with a smile, and it’d be lovely to have you doing the same. And so I’ll share a favourite photo from my ‘makes me smile’ pinboard….


A song that always has us smiling…

Remind myself of the things that I’m grateful for and that make me happy – my beautiful family, our good health, and Ben & Jerry’s 😉

And I’ll leave you with this quote..

be the reason someone smiles todayHope you’re smiling 🙂

The Reading Residence

A huge thank you to all bloggers taking part in this morning’s happy flash blog. Hope you enjoyed it and that we managed to raise a few smiles. Anyone is free to link up any happy posts, as the linky is open all week long, so the more the merrier! I’ll be adding all linked posts to a #SpreadALittleHappiness Pinterest board so that we’ll always have them at hand for a cheer up! Thanks again, have a wonderful day x


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73 thoughts on “Smile #SpreadALittleHappiness”

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  2. These all certainly made me smile and my son absolutely loves Giraffes so the picture has put a smile on his face too 🙂 #spreadalittlehappiness

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  4. Glad to see this has been such a success! Sorry I nearly cocked it all up though. I was being swept along by all the Blue Monday talk last week! Definitely some lovely posts to bring real cheer to a dismal January Monday morning.

  5. Can’t believe I did my post, and then forgot to link up. Dozy mare! Anyway, I thought it was great – the anticipation of joining in, and then getting to read and see what makes others happy.

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