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This month I’m encouraging people to send a little bit of snail mail out into the world to brighten someone’s day, and I explain more in my Let’s Get Snail Mailing post. Last week I enticed by sharing some gorgeous letter writing sets and note cards that I’ve spotted in the shops recently in Writing Sets Guaranteed to get you Snail Mailing. So today I thought I’d offer you a glimpse into some of the snail mail that I have received, the pretty and the inventive, along with a few of my writing sets and inspiration to make your own.

Over the past two to three years that I have been writing and receiving letters, I’ve had around 20 pen pals. At the moment, I write to 5-6 ladies regularly and about another 5 on a more ad hoc basis. It’s nice to have this, to receive missives in amongst bills and junk mail, as really, how can I not be smiling when I open up one of these and get to catch up on a friend’s news….

Incoming Snail Mail

You’ll see that happy mail comes in so may different guises. Pretty cards, writing sets and postcards, and sometimes little extras are popped inside, too. I love receiving anything at all that’s chatty like this, and though they look so lovely, that’s just a bonus as it’s the letter itself and catching up with a friend that is most precious. But occasionally, I receive something a little bit special….

Fun Snail Mail

Pretty and Fun Snail Mail

I know I shared with you all about How to Make a Pocket Letter, and these are creative spins on this idea from a couple of lovely ladies that I correspond with, Jo and Sarah.

These types of letters are the ones that you create if you’re in the mood for something fun and crafty, though of course they’re more time consuming than just grabbing one of your (many,many, many in my case) writing sets….

A Few Writing Sets

These are just a few of mine, a fraction of them, truth be told. What? I have confessed that these are my stationery weakness! And along with the letters, it’s often fun to pop something else inside…

Snail Mail Extras

Stickers, post cards, note cards, paper clips, tea bags, book marks – whatever fits in an envelope!

For this month’s activity, I appreciate many of you may not have regular pen pals or stacks of writing sets. So may I suggest perhaps popping a read and enjoyed book out to a friend with a little note? With spring in the air, a packet of seeds might be a welcome surprise for green-fingered friends? How about a cheer-up magazine and chocolate bar for someone who’s had a rough day? Or if you’re looking to write a newsy letter, just grab some plain paper and brighten it up….

Creating your own writing paper

I do love stickers, stamps and washi tape for this! You can create your own unique letter writing paper this way, sure to make someone smile.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it.

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4 thoughts on “Snail Mail to Inspire”

  1. Oh this is such a lovely idea. I haven’t written a letter on paper since my nan died. We always used to write to each other when I lived in France, it was so lovely to receive her letters. You have inspired me, when I have time I’m going to send someone a letter. It’s so great that you keep up with your pen pals and those letters are beautiful, I’m not surprised you keep it up.x

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