Climbing Has Some Benefits..

If you read Climbing and Adoring last week, my Word of the Week and saw my Silent Sunday/Project52 posts, you’ll have spotted a theme! Little Man is a-climbing! But I just wanted to share with you something positive that has come out of this chaos and stress (stress for me, hilarity for the kids!)..


He can now easily climb into Boo’s bed. And he chooses to, regularly. They cuddle. I melt.

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64 thoughts on “Climbing Has Some Benefits..”

  1. Aww how cute, I remember when Joshua first started doing that I loved walking in to see them cuddled up! They still do it now sometimes, decide to sleep in each others beds, or I find they’ve made a camp on the floor together when I go in in the morning lol! x

    1. Ah, that is very sweet! This was of an evening, but I do suspect that as soon as Little Man’s in a bed and can move freely in the mornings, I’ll be finding this a lot!

  2. What a gorgeous shot! I have a very enthusiastic climber at home, too. You might want to harness that skill, as this evening, I found Beanie (3 years 3 months) climbing on her sister’s cot bed rails to then reach her brother’s top-bunk. When she saw I was in the room, she just told me it was her favourite way of going up there… (so she had done it before? …and breathe!)

  3. Eep!! That is just the sweetest thing! The Boy loves cuddling the Girl and spends half his day trying to hug and squish her saying: “A. is really cute!” Sadly it is not mutual and she shrieks and cries and pushes him away. 🙁

  4. This picture is priceless, it’s a complete framer! I hope you blow it up on your wall. There is nothing more heart melting than sibling love! I love watching my two become closer and closer. It’s such an emotional thing to see two people you created love each other so dearly. Thanks for linky up with #meltyourhearts and all the blog love.

    1. Thank you – I do love this photo 🙂 I love seeing their relationship develop, and they’ll do things together daily that melt my heart. Thanks for hosting and good luck with your lovely new linky x

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