My Special Gift

At the end of last week, the children were told that they could take £2.50 into school as there would be a few gifts they could choose to surprise mum and dad with. To be honest, I wasn’t going to bother sending Boo with any money, but when I mentioned it to her, her eyes lit up at the idea.

We talked on the way to school about how Daddy likes chocolate and cakes, so if there was anything like that there, she should go for that and Daddy would love his surprise.

When I picked her up, I was instructed not to look in her school bag until we were home, so she could show me what she’d bought. She had chosen to buy a necklace for me, with a pink heart on it. Pink, because it’s her favourite colour, and a heart because she loves me so much, and when I’m not with her I can wear it and always know how much she loves me. Those were her words. Aaahhh!


I so love my cheap necklace!

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22 thoughts on “My Special Gift”

  1. Isn’t that just lovely?!
    There are some things that are just priceless, and to know that her mind works in that way and how much she loves you is just priceless. Lovely. Your daughter is a treasure to you xx

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