Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail

We’ve recently received Specs for Rex to share with you…

Specs for Rex

Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail
Rex has new glasses and he HATES them! He does NOT want to wear them to school, and he tries to hide them – in the strangest places! But it’s pretty tricky hiding specs that are so big, and round and RED . . .

It’s funny how things turn out, though, because Rex’s specs end up winning him a gold star, and a new friend. Even better, he can SEE properly.

A beautifully illustrated and charming story about the positive effects of being, well, maybe just a little different.

The first thing that struck me about this picture book were the illustrations. They are so alive, colourful and vibrant…

specs for Rex pages

And then the story itself is a great one for us at the moment, as it features a day at school with Rex. With Boo about to start school in September, I hadn’t realised how few of her books actually have school in them, so this one’s arrival was very well-timed and welcome, as along with following the tale, we also chat about school together.

Boo enjoys this one. Rex makes her laugh at the things he gets up to in a bid to rid himself of his new specs. My kids don’t need glasses yet, and I hope they won’t for some time (speaking as someone who cannot get by at all without hers!) but if they did, well this would be the first book I’d hunt out, as in the end Rex does make his specs a cool thing to have. I’m just waiting for Boo to ask for some…!

Boo reading Specs for Rex

We like this one. It’s a fun book, with a really distinctive style.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this book FOC for the purposes of this review. 

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6 thoughts on “Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail”

  1. Sounds like a great book. Might have to get it for Jessica. We’ve not really had any issues with her not wanting to wear glasses though as she’s had them since 18 months but think she’d like the story

  2. How clever! When I was young I totally refused to wear my glasses, until it got so bad that I couldn’t see without them. I often wonder if my eyesight wouldn’t be a bit better if I had just worn them in those early days.

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