My Splashing Little Man

I’m enjoying my time with Little Man. We’re taking several classes and we’ve found a lovely playgroup we both like, too. I’m finding things all so different this time round, as my son is nothing like his sister.

Boo was, and is, a ball of confident energy. She’s in constant motion, and is always looking to chat and make new friends. As a toddler, this translated as a lively, happy child, and she was a ‘runner’! Yep, she was a toddler that had to have reins, and even then, she was straining and tricky to keep by my side. I loved her enthusiasm, though there’s no doubt it also exasperated and exhausted me on many occasions!

Little Man, well he’s arguably more of a daredevil then Boo ever was, though he does have a big sister to show him all of the dangerous things he could be attempting! But when we’re out and about, he’s shy and he stays with me. Holds my hand as we stroll along, or is content in the pushchair. When people smile at him, he promptly puts the pushchair hood up and covers himself, extremely rude of him and hilarious to me!

I see the contrast between the two of them so clearly when we go to one of our classes. My Boo memories of this walk to and from class were not the most relaxing and smiley ones, as she was invariably running off, and it was a battle of wills to get us back to the car safely. Not so with Little Man, which has been a very refreshing change for me! We contentedly walk along and chat about the class and then what we’re going to do when we get home. He’s right there, happy to be my side, and if he wanders off, I know he will pop back to me, unlike his wayward sister!

This week it was a rainy walk, which gave him an excuse to find puddles, and he so loves finding puddles. So yes, he wandered off a little, splashed about, and made our morning all the more fun.

Little Man puddles 2

little man puddles

little man puddles 1a

I really enjoy this walk now and it seems it’s even better when it’s raining! It’s relaxed, we’re in no hurry, and my stress levels are low! Though there’ll always be a little nostalgic place in my heart for Boo’s chaotic chasing days there, too!

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32 thoughts on “My Splashing Little Man”

  1. Aww its amazing how they can be such different personalities isn’t it? Monkey sounds quite similar to little man in that he can be uber brave with climbing buy likes to stay close and just doesn’t run off. I wonder if Little Miss will be more like Boo and keep me on my toes! 🙂 glad you’re enjoying the walk and the puddle jumping looks fab! 🙂 xx

    1. I can only hope for your sanity that that isn’t so! especially when you’re used to one that stays close! At least by having mine this way round, I simply got an unexpected surprise! x

  2. Sounds like a refreshing change for you. And a lovely puddle splashing morning. 🙂 My two are like chalk and cheese too, but my eldest was the calm one, and the youngest, bouncing off the walls, and a runner… normally in the opposite direction we need to go, and climbs out of pushchair and car seats…. oh the exhaustion, I know exactly how you felt with boo, as im living that way now. #countrykids

    1. Ah, I’m so glad mine were this way round, so I knew no different! Though yes, when they’re together, they’ll both run, usually in opposite directions! x

  3. It’s incredible how different behaviour can be from sibling to sibling. Sometimes between my eldest and my youngest three I’m not too shocked by it but the difference even between the triplets shocks me a lot. It’s great to see Little Man running through the puddles having loads of fun! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids

    1. Yes, that must be so strange! It’s lovely to see how individual their personalities all are. Thanks for hosting x

  4. It’s funny isn’t it-my eldest wasn’t a runner, but would happily throw herself into everything with gusto. Whereas my son is more of a potential runner yet is shy and takes his time to adjust to new things and new people.
    Little Man looks like he’s having a ball with those puddles 🙂 xx

    1. It’s so refreshing to actually walk hand in hand with a toddler calmly! He does love a good puddle splash! x

  5. Looks like a lovely walk and Little Man looks so very happy splashing in the puddles. Funny how our children can be so very different. Jessica has always been happy to hold my hand, will be interesting to see what Sophie will be like as she is definitely Little Miss Independent!

  6. Ahhh amazing how different kids are isn’t it!
    I love his dinosaur coat it’s so unbelievably cute!!! He looks so happy, I think it’s hilarious that he pulls his pushchair hood down when someone smiles at him!

  7. Aww I remember my Boo requiring reins for the same reasons as yours, and my second son is a little calmer to! Nothing beats a good puddle splashing session! x

  8. Ah he looks like he’s really enjoying the walk too! Arthur’s pretty similar, in that he generally stays close to me when we’re out and about. It definitely makes going for strolls more relaxing! 🙂

  9. Boo sounds just like the wee girl 🙂 It must be lovely to be able to have a wander with Little Man and enjoy the fresh air with no stress. Puddles are great, a little rain is no problem at all, just makes for fun splashing! #countrykids

  10. I have to say, I’ve recently got myself a pair of wellingtons and I now get the attraction of splashing in the rain. So much fun and my girls love it too.

    I have two girls and they couldn’t be more different. One’s like he father and the other is like me, I guess nature does win over nurture when it come to personality.

    Cute post x

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