Spread A Little Bookish Happiness

With current international events, I have halted this month’s #BringBackPaper activity as I am aware that it might not be easy for everyone to now get out and post something overseas. However, I also feel that now is a good time to spread some kindness and happiness so I have a new idea that you are welcome to join in with.

I did spot this idea over on Twitter yesterday and I apologise as I can’t recall who it was that started the thread so can’t credit them here, but I thought it was a lovely thought so I’m opening it to all of you #BringBackPaper folks. It works because you won’t have to leave your home to do it and it gives the gift of books, my personal favourite type of gift! The gift that can keep us entertained if we are having to stay home.

How to join in

All that you need to do is share your Amazon book wish list with us over on the related post in the Bring Back Paper Facebook group. If you have not yet the joined the group, come join us , it’s fun! If you are not sure how to create a wish list, you can find out more here.

We can then check each other’s lists out and choose to buy a book for one or two other people. It will be delivered directly to them, just ensure that you have enabled third party sellers access to your address so that they can ship directly to you, if you are comfortable with Amazon’s terms and conditions. There is a section within ‘manage list’ that allows things to be removed from your list as soon as they have been bought to prevent people from buying the same book, so make sure that you leave ‘Keep purchased items on your list’ unchecked.

I am aware that this is not a swap for swap activity. I am aware that you might not all use or like to use Amazon. I am aware that you might gift a book to someone and not receive one in return. I do get all of that, but I still think that it’s a lovely idea and I for one am looking forward to surprising one or two of you by gifting you one of your wish-list books. I think we need a little extra burst of kindness right about now.

Do also remember that on Amazon they normally have the option to ship second hand versions of the book at a lower price, and I am quite sure that all of us are happy to receive preloved books too. I’ll look for this one as I can then spread more happiness with my budget. I’m looking forward to book shopping for you already!

What do you think, is this one for you?

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4 thoughts on “Spread A Little Bookish Happiness”

  1. Holly Patterson

    I don’t have a wish list, but I regularly buy paperbacks at Amazon. Now I have a stack that looks like the picture you posted. Some I donate to my local library; others I reread. I love the feel of paper so I don’t have any e-reader. Thanks for the great post. Glad I am not the only paperback reader!

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