Spudfest at the National Forest Adventure Farm

I wrote a few weeks ago about our first visit to the National Forest Adventure Farm. The kids really enjoyed themselves there, so it was with great excitement that we returned last weekend, with Daddy this time so that they could show him the wonders it held! We were also looking forward to finding out what this month’s Spudfest was all about about.

On arriving, there was only one place that Boo wanted to go. When we were there last month, they were trying to break the World Record for most scarecrows, and we took part and made our own. Well, they did break that record, so we’re excited to have been a part of that, and Boo was very keen to visit ‘Lily’, her scarecrow. Now, there’s quite a few of them there, as you can imagine, so we walked through rows and rows of them…

National Adventure Forest Farm Scarecrows

Until we found her! Boo was happy that she was amongst friends, and now has a photo of herself with her again, too!

National Adventure Forest Farm Spudfest Lily

Next up was Pig Racing, something we didn’t get to see last time, so we were pleased to be there just in time for this one. It’s introduced with the story of the Three Little Pigs, and then we’re advised that the pigs wanted to get their own back on the wolf, so went into training! The wolf comes along, the pigs are saddled up with little jockeys and they race!

Pig Racing

Race excitement over, we looked round at all of the animals again, spotted how much the little piglets had grown, Boo ‘milked’ that cow that she loved the last time we were here, and we checked out the kitchen garden and read up about it..

National Forest Adventure Farm montage

We then went off to investigate Spudfest. The farm tells us that:

Each weekend this September when you visit the Farm you can pick your own potatoes to take home! Each child will be given a bag to fill and then you can dig in our potato plot and enjoy eating the ultra fresh spuds!

We have planted up 1/2 acre with over 11,000 potato plants which should produce up to 10 tons of spuds. That’s a lot of chips and mash!

I think this is a great idea. I like that there are events like this that keep you going back for more, and they engage children in all aspects of farming, too. To be able to experience digging up your own food and understanding where vegetables come from is both fun and educational. My kids certainly enjoyed it…

Potato Picking

We took away a big bag of potatoes, so that’s mash for us a few days this week!

We then went over to the Barrel Stampede ride. The kids couldn’t wait to get on and be pulled along by the tractor, though when Little Man finally did get on, he cried all the way round! Boo loved it, though!

National Adventure Forest Farm Spudfest Barrel Stampede

It was then all about the play areas. Both indoors and out, they are great here. The indoor soft play is big, so even on a busy Saturday, it didn’t feel as hellish as soft play can often feel! Both the under 5’s and big kids areas are good, and there was a face painter there, so Boo had her face painted for the very first time. Oh, and the air for blowing the balls up was clearly a big draw!

National Adventure Forest Farm indoor play area

We then spent a fair bit of time outside, running from bouncing pillow, to sandpits, to slides, assault courses, football targets and more. They loved it!

National Forest Adventure Farm

Oh, and ‘sand angels’ were needed…

sand angel

And then we managed to lure them away, finally, with the promise of a take-away…!

You can find out more about Spudfest here. We had yet another great day out there, and it struck me how we’d done lots of different activities to last time (so do check out my last post for details of more activities), and still hadn’t tried everything that the farm has to offer. There is so much to do there for little ones, and to be honest, the indoor and outdoor play areas alone would keep my two happy for hours, let alone everything else! And as with our last visit, everywhere was clean and tidy and the staff very friendly. If you’re looking for a family day out in the Midlands, I’d definitely recommend this one.

Disclosure: We received entrance FOC for the purposes of this post, but all words and opinions remain my own

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43 thoughts on “Spudfest at the National Forest Adventure Farm”

  1. Digging for spuds is a fantastic idea, I’m surprised more farm places don’t do it. Looks like a great place to visit, although those scarecrows look a bit sinister to me – I could imagine them coming alive at night 🙂

    1. It’s just a bit different, isn’t it? It’s a fab place to visit. And you make a good point about those scarecrows…!

  2. That place really does look amazing! I love that they let you dig your own potatoes – I know from my dad’s allotment that there is something very satisfying about that – like uncovering buried treasure! X

  3. What a great interactive farm,looks like a fun day out. Not sure about seeing all those scarecrows though, I find them a bit scary lol
    Love that you can pick your own potatoes x

  4. So glad Boo got to visit her scarecrow again, we will be visiting ours again very soon too and picking spuds 🙂 I know there were lots we couldn’t do last time which we are looking forward to, especially with Star minus her halo 🙂

  5. Spudfest, what a fantastic idea! It’s great when places have a variety of events on over the year to always give you something different to do when you visit. Like the look of the barrel ride, although I suspect that the wee girl would be up for it, and then cry all the way round too! #CountryKids

  6. I’m up for Spudfest-great name! I enjoyed your post about this place before. We’d been invited to go along but couldn’t make it as we were away. I’m going to have to add it to our list as it sounds fab 🙂

  7. I did wonder what Spudfest was about. Good idea.

    We loved the pig racing when we went with friends. It’s a great place – we went when it was a bit wet and drizzly, and we still had a great time.

    1. We’ve been lucky and had dry days when we’ve visited, but there’s plenty to do anyway, isn’t there? That pig racing’s brilliant!

  8. Oooh I’m not sure how I feel about all those scarecrows, they make me a little nervous! Hehehehe. I love the idea of digging up your own spuds, looks like you had a fantastic day.

  9. Looks like alot of fun! I have to say all those scarecrows would have petrified me! (seen too many horror films lol)

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