Star Wars Timeline Review & Giveaway

We have a new game in our house and it is just perfect for us! We’ve been playing Timeline Star Wars

Timeline Star Wars


As the name suggests, this is a Timeline game. There are several different Timeline titles, including Inventions, General Interest, Music and Cinema and more. We opted for Star Wars as we feel we know a fair bit about the films.

The tin comes with a big stack of photo cards, with quotes on the images on one side, and on the other there is also a number and the episode that the scene appears in.

Timeline Star Wars cards

The set up is incredibly easy and fast, as this game is all about the cards. Each player receives four cards, which they place in front of them with the scene number on the reverse. A card is turned over and placed in the middle to begin play, and that card does have the scene number and episode revealed.

Timeline Star Wars play

Players then take turns to add one of their cards to the Timeline. So on your turn you select a card and decide whether it goes before, after or somewhere in the middle of the Timeline, as you are looking to build up the films scenes in chronological order. If a card is placed incorrectly, it’s put to the bottom of the pile and the player needs to take another. The winner is the player who runs out of cards first.

The Verdict?

This is unlike anything we’ve played before, yet it’s an easy to understand concept and fun game to play. As the cards are all shuffled up, there are also endless possibilities and you’re not likely to repeat the same timelines and it’s not as though you can run out of questions. I do like that, as sometimes when you play games regularly, you can find yourself learning all of the answers over time!

It takes literally seconds to set it up and can be played very quickly, or you can choose to play it for a longer period of time, adding more and more cards to the Timeline.

The game comes in a handy little tin, which makes this one great for carrying around in my bag, and easy to store away without adding much to the huge pile of toys and games in the playroom.

To play this particular Timeline, you really need to know your Star Wars. As luck would have it, in this house all four of us do so it makes for a fun and engaging game. It suggests it is a game for aged 8 and up, though my 6 year old very easily grasped it and my 3 year old isn’t bad at it either!

We all really like this one and I can see it being a firm favourite here for years to come, I’d definitely recommend it for any Star Wars fans. I have also spotted that coming this autumn is the Timeline British History Edition – I really want that, though I’m not sure who will actually play with me! Use it as a revision tool?!

Star Wars Timeline is priced at £12.99 and is available from Amazon


I now have a Star Wars Timeline up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 21st June 2016.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What appeals to you about this game?

Disclosure: We received this game FOC for the purposes of this post

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138 thoughts on “Star Wars Timeline Review & Giveaway”

  1. I love this because as a family of Star Wars lovers it’s something we can play together, including the adult kids. My eldest is a complete Star Wars Addict like me but it’s difficult to involve him in other games, this I’m sure he’d love (And win all the time)

  2. My son and OH love Star Wars so they would be good at this game and challenge their brains at same time

  3. we are a scifi obsessed family and its nice that this a game that everyone can play from the youngest to the oldest

  4. What appeals to me is the tin and the evident hard work gone into making it. My children will adore it. As will I. I am perhaps the biggest Star Wars fan in existence. I once won a Star Wars game as a child in an art competition. It was incredible.

  5. Because it is Star Wars and my brother is mad about Star Wars! Hopefully he could teach me to play this hehe.

  6. Christine Beake

    As a mum to starwars fans I feel it would help my knowledge along – if you can’t beat them. ………..!

  7. Monica Gilbert

    I really want to give a Timeline game a try. And it would be fun to see how much (or little) I know about Star Wars.

  8. My sons and husband love Star Wars, if it’s keeps everyone quiet for a bit whilst playing it makes me happy!

  9. Danielle Spencer

    Being into games with friends and family, this would be another great game for the collection, I love the little tin it comes in, easy to transport to games night and the fact that you can play it multiple times without repeating yourself constantly, which is the case with some games.

  10. It appeals to me because I know it’s something I could turn up with or pull out when going to friends to having them to mine for the night and it would down a storm (trooper!).

  11. I love that they have made a Star Wars game that is suitable for all the family and that will keep my kids entertained.

  12. The fact that it’s Star Wars and portable (so we can take it on days out and on trips away) makes it amazing!

  13. We all love the Star Wars films at home and the game sounds brilliant…although just having the picture cards to look at every now and again would be ace as it’s brilliant memorabilia too. x

  14. Our whole family loves Star War and think the quick and simple set up would make it very appealing and easy to just get out and play without much fuss, perfect for holidays!

  15. this game appeals to me as my son is a MASSIVE star wars fan and we would be delighted to win this prize 🙂

  16. My husband is not keen on games, but likes Star Wars, so I would hope this is a game we could play together 😀

  17. Kerry Kilmister

    My husband and I are massive Star Wars fans, so this looks like a game that would really appeal to us

  18. Patricia Avery

    Easy, simple but above all it is about Star Wars! Perfect for my grandchildren (and their Daddy of course)

  19. Combining all Star Wars films a great test for Star Wars fans and great way to remember what happens.

  20. Nothing at all to me, but my son is obsessed with Star Wars, he goes to bed with his comics, books, toys, anything he can get away with – we love it as his love for Star Wars has really helped us with his learning – he is instantly interested if we put a Star Wars spin on what we’re doing! I don’t understand any of it but love how he and his sister chat about it and love the books and films.

  21. I love the Star Wars theme, with gorgeous photo’s and a game that looks fun and simple to play and comes in a tin to keep them in. Would love to play this game with my sons.

  22. I love that this will appeal to the star wars Geeks and the Logic-heads in my clan…. and finally it’s a game that Dad can be beaten at!

  23. I love anything Star Wars and this looks like a pretty easy game to learn so it would be good for all the family to play. The pictures also remind me of the Star Wars bubblegum cards I used to collect as a child ?

  24. It appeals to me as we are massive star wars fans in our house!

    *Let me win* << using the Force 🙂

  25. Stephanie Burchatt

    What really appeals to me is that we are all big Star Wars and Star Trek (and Big Bang Theory) fans in this family!

  26. Rachel Beveridge

    I’m a bit of a board gaming fanatic and am yet to own a Star Wars themed game… I reckon my pals will want this one as well!

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