Stargazing with Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope

My daughter has had just one thing on her birthday wishlist all year now. A telescope. Having covered the solar system at school, she has become fascinated by the idea of seeing the stars and the moon up close, as well as taking a good look at the nature and sights around us. So when Learning Resources got in touch with me about their campaign over the summer focusing on the importance of outdoor play, including nature trails and stargazing, I knew it was one for us. And do read on, as I also have one available for one of my lucky readers, too.

Boo literally screamed when she came home from school last week and saw the Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope on the kitchen table. Her birthday had come early!

Nancy Bs Science Club Moon Scope

Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope and Sky Gazer’s Activity Journal

Encourage children to explore science with this telescope and science journal for real-life exploration activities
Moon Scope includes two eye pieces offering 18x to 90x magnification
Moon filter finder scope with built in red LED enables night viewing
22-page activity journal allows for tracking, writing and drawing

The box includes the Moon Scope, a moon filter, a tripod and a Sky Gazer’s Activity Journal.

It was very easy to assemble following the instructions included, and there is also a video available to show you assembly if you prefer. I’m not always the best at things like this, but I’d say that if I did with ease within a few minutes, pretty much anyone can!

Nancy Bs Science Club Moon Scope assembled

There are two eye pieces, and changing them is very simple to do, as even our three year old knows how to do this now.

Boo is now gazing a lot. She uses is to look out the window, at rooftops, signs, trees, the sky, anything and everything…

Nancy Bs Science Club Moon Scope inside

Our neighbours should be warned!

It does recommend that it is best to use it outside, so most evenings when she comes home now, she will take it outside and have a good look around.

Nancy Bs Science Club Moon Scope outside

It is very light and easy to move around like this, so she can just pick it up and take it wherever she wants to look.

Of course, she’s yet to do any actual ‘stargazing’ with it, as it is light when Boo goes to bed, so she’s looking forward to using it when the darker nights draw in. The Husband and I *might have rushed outside the other night when we spotted a full moon on a clear night to take a peek. It looked brilliant!

*totally did

The Verdict

Boo loves it. It is what she wanted and more, as the addition of the sky gazers activity journal gives her activities to do. The first two or three help her to get used to using it, and when she gets to see the moon, she has plenty more she’s eager to try. Boo likes keeping journals and drawings and the like, so this is a very welcome extra for her.

This has a recommended age range of 8-11, but at 6, Boo is very happy with it and knows what she’s doing with it. Her dad will often get involved and help focus the moon scope for her, so it may just be that some support is needed in that way initially.

From my point of view, I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy this is to assemble and use. It arrived well-packaged and my first impressions on opening it were that it looks to be of good quality, sturdy whilst light enough for my daughter to handle. And most importantly, it does work. You can see amazing details and birds in trees have been studied and watched at length!

I think this is a great product as an introduction to stargazing and to satisfy curious minds. It’s encouraging a love of science in an exciting way, and it does deliver on quality.

Competition Time!

As promised, I now have a Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope up for grabs, so to be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 23rd August 2016. Good luck!

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What do you like about the Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope?

Disclosure: We received the product FOC for the purposes of this post, but all words and opinions remain my own

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149 thoughts on “Stargazing with Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope”

  1. Oh I love this! My little ones are so excited to be outdoors this summer and would love it. It looks super portable as well which is always helpful! Thanks!

  2. Annabel Greaves

    It looks girly, fun and will encourage my daughter’s interest in science, space and the world around her

  3. I like the fact that it sounds easy to assemble as I am useless at putting things together so that’s a winner for me :-). The fact it comes with an activity journal too is great.

  4. it is a great way to encourage children to explore the moon and maybe later on in life the universe. I love the idea of the activity journal.

  5. It is absolutely brilliant, since my little grandson learnt about Tim Peake, he is fascinated with the stars, its good to get the children involved.and to encourage them

  6. Think this is brilliant, i know with my grandson, since Tim Peake went to space he has been fascinated with the stars, so i think this would encourage the children to really enjoy and learn about what is out there. Its colourful for the children and is easy to use

  7. Beky Austerberry

    It encourages children with space and science – I love ‘educational’ toys like this – and the fact it appeals to girls too is fab!

  8. Although only 2 my little boy is obsessed with the moon. He’s a bit gutted he doesn’t get to see it over the summer months when he’s already in bed, but we spent many an evening moon gazing before the lighter evenings came. This would be lovely for him to see the moon and stars up close….and I’m sure mummy and daddy would enjoy using it too ;o)

  9. I like that it is child friendly & exciting enough to keep there interest, something we can do together.

  10. I think its great that it is made for small hands and has a bright design which children find appealing.

  11. This would be fantastic for taking on our camping trips. It would keep the kids entertained and staying in one place for a while lol 😀

  12. Deborah Mackenzie

    I love this telescope as it opens up new things to learn, it is fun looking and will attracted kids to explore

  13. I love that it is specifically made for children and easy to use. Anything that encourages learning and finding out about the world around us is great to me.

  14. Well I like the colour! Thats amazing! But I really like how it encourages children to look around them and see what’s out there.

  15. This looks amazing! My children who love science will absolutely love this! The colour is lovely! 🙂

  16. I like that it is easy to move around, bright and colourful and that it would really engage my girls to go out and look in the night sky!

  17. Rachel Butterworth

    That it encourages children to look up and around at the world instead of down at a tablet/phone screen.

  18. It encourages youngsters to get involved with science/astronomy rather than just looking at a phone/tablets.

  19. Stargazing is one of our favourite actives so this would be amazing. I especially like that is it light in weight as telescopes can be rather heavy.

  20. Love the fact that easy to assemble and that even for a 6 year old its gives the opportunity to explore amazing things in the night sky

  21. I love the kid friendly colours and it sounds very simple to use – think it would be an incredibly interesting and unique gift x

  22. my grandson daniel would love this, he is very interested in the stars and would be able to use this himself in the garden

  23. I like the fact that it comes with a journal which has activities in it. Perfect for getting those little brains ticking!

  24. It looks cool and colourful, so that helps with the engagement – plus it’s portable so they can take it wherever they want!

  25. I LOVE that the Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope is educational yet looks exciting and interesting to use. The fact that you also get a Sky Gazer’s Activity Journal makes it extra fun to use. My kids would love to do sky gazing with this Moon Scope!

  26. My little girl would love this! My husband has a full-sized telescope and is a very keen amateur astronomer and she loves looking at the stars and learning all about the planets and space. This would be an amazing gift for her – her very own telescope that is child friendly but fully functioning!

  27. Being able to keep a journal and do drawings ,I know my Grandson would love this! Love the colour of the telescope too , much better than a boring black one !

  28. this would be fab for my little girl,she is fascinated with the sky and whats in it,it would be amazing for her to see things close up!!

  29. I love the idea that children can learn about the wonderful world and look at the beautiful star constellations. Wish they had things like this when I was a kiddy.

  30. What a lovely review! all my questions answered thank you. i love the fact this acualy works as purchased many over the years for my daughter and almost all where of very poor quality . the design on this is also very good. not to childish but just enouth girlyness !

  31. Love the way it comes with a Journal. The whole package encourages children to get involved with science which Im trying to get my 4 year old started on. This would be perfect. He already steals his daddy’s phone to look at the star map app and goes off wondering around the garden pointing it up to the sky.

  32. The ease of use, that it is visually appealing and that it encourages youngsters to explore the wonderful science of astronomy.

  33. Anything that fosters an interest in science has to be worthwhile and our budding astronomers would love this!

  34. i like the fact it look so fun most look boring and even tho it looks a little girly with the colour scheem my boys saw the pics and want one lol

  35. Pauline Burroughs

    Not only is it practical it’s colourful too. I’m sure any child would want to use this. A brilliant way to get them interested in astronomy.

  36. Caroline Shepherd

    It looks great! A proper telescope but easy for kids to use themselves. My daughters would both love to have one of these!

  37. I love the fact it’s so child friendly 🙂 (and the colours!). I’d have been over the moon with this as a child

  38. I like the fact it is sturdy, yet light enough for them to move around with ease. That it actually works well and not just a gimmicky kids toy. Would be perfect for my moon and stars obsessed daughter

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