Stationery Swap February 2017

Yes, it’s time for another #BringBackPaper stationery swap!

For all of you stationery addicts out there, this is a chance to spread a little happiness and receive a pretty parcel guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I love snail mail!!

Stationery Swap


It’s simple enough to get involved. Just pop a bundle of stationery bits and bobs together, and send them out into the world to your swap partner so that they have received them by the end of February. You can include whatever you fancy, such as notepaper, jotters, stickers, pens, washi, postcards – whatever suits you. We’re not talking huge amounts and box loads of stuff here, just a pretty little package to brighten someone’s day, spending around £5.

This swap is open to absolutely everyone worldwide, and you need not blog or be active on social media to take part. You just need to enjoy stationery.

To get involved, email me with your name and address at [email protected], and I will then pair you up and get back to you with your swap partner’s details as soon as I have done so. It’d be really helpful if you could let me know whether you’d be willing to or would prefer to post internationally, please.

I adore looking at pretty stationery pics (have you checked out 10 Addictive Instagram Accounts for Stationery Lovers?) so please do share them over on Instagram using the #BringBackPaper hash tag so that we can all find them, or pop them onto my Facebook page.

So are you in?

The Reading Residence


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17 thoughts on “Stationery Swap February 2017”

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  2. I’d like to join in on the Bring Back Paper stationery swap.
    My name is Rachel. I live in the USA, in the state of Massachusetts. I have many things I can swap. I am fine with swapping overseas/ internationally. I will send you a PM Jocelyn via email and write my postal address there.
    Thank you and hope to here from you. Smiles from across the miles. =)

  3. Hello, I’m interested in taking part is the stationary swap. Are there perimeters as to the partners kniwing what eachother like, aesthetic, so they have an idea of how to lind of tailor the contents to them?

  4. Hey, I just now found this post. Is this still going on? Is there a March swap? I would really love to get in on this.

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