Stickers Or Washi Tape?

Stickers or washi tape? Which one’s better? 

They are both fun to browse, to choose and to use, but if you had to choose just one, which one would you go for?

They each have their merits, I can see that. 

Stickers are easily available, and the chances are you’ve been using them since you were a kid.

Stickers are more universal. Everyone knows what they are and they’re stocked in many shops. 

I like that they’re flat, so they are very easy to store and easy to share in the mail. 

Then there’s the fun theming you get with stickers.

A sheet of stickers can often be a lot of different designs all around a common theme which make them fun to decorate, scrapbook and create with.

One sticker sheet can give you an entire theme and décor for a project, washi just doesn’t work like that. 

But washi tape, washi tape is something else. 

I make no secret of my love for washi tape, here and over on my YouTube channel. In fact, if you watch my channel, it’s rare that washi tape doesn’t make an appearance in a video!

The majority of my ‘crafting’ is pen pal related so I find washi tape to be more than enough for my crafty needs. 

I have many tapes, but can never resist getting more. Much like books to me, in that way!

They can instantly make an envelope or piece of paper more interesting with zero creative flair. 

There are so many designs and colours that it can be fun finding tapes that work well together.

They’re handy for securing things in journals or mail and easy to use. Choose, tape, rip, you’re done.

Can they also get a point in their favour for being cute? I like looking at all of my little rolls arranged together. 

It’s tricky, there are points in favour for both stickers and washi tape. 

OK, OK, we all know the truth of this one, the only real answer to this debate.


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2 thoughts on “Stickers Or Washi Tape?”

  1. I was gonna say that my answer to “Stickers or Washi tape?” is “yes”! LOL

    When Washi tape first came out I thought it was such a silly crafting item. What could I possibly need THAT for? Boy, oh boy, I am soooooo eating my words. The me from that point in time would be shocked by my current stash and how often I use it. Live and learn…

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