Story Time

One of my favourite times of day is the hour before the children’s bedtime.

It’s a pretty set routine. We all go upstairs and play on our bed for a bit, a time full of tickles and giggles. And then the kids dash about playing in each other’s rooms while we wait for the bath to fill. We often play ‘hide the dog’ (it’s hide and seek with a Happyland dog, we don’t actually make our hound hide!), have a disco with Boo’s glitter disco ball and generally mess about (I’m included in the madness, too, of course!). It’s then bath, story and bedtime. It’s lovely.

This photo was taken last week, while we waited for the bath. Little Man wanted a story, and so he and Boo snuggled into his chair and she read it to him. She can’t read, but she has an astoundingly good memory, so she didn’t miss a word.


I do love my little ones.

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42 thoughts on “Story Time”

  1. Such a lovely moment. I love it when z climbs into my lap and we read some books together. His favourite is Peace at last and he knows it off my heart so I make him “read” to me 🙂

  2. Aww! What a lovely moment!!
    My eldest is at the age now where she prefers to read her own books in bed….But it still doesn’t stop her sneaking in to my littles one’s room for a story now and again….hehehe x

  3. I love it when kids “read” books – Ben was able to “read” the hungry caterpillar word for word before he was even three bless him. Hurrah for a love of books! 😀

  4. What a fabulous post Jocelyn and I just love that photo of the two of them together. It really is a great time of day isn’t it. How wonderful that Boo remembers so much too, POD does that a bit and recites books to her dollies – I love it! Great post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  5. This sounds like a lovely bedtime routine. It must make you glow to see Boo “reading” to Little Man, how sweet. We also have a play on the bed before lights out, it’s nice to have some quality time at the end of the day x

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