Summer Learning with Reading Eggs

As regular readers will know, I’m pleased to be working with Reading Eggs this year. We’ve been using Reading Eggs for a little over two years now, starting before I was working with them when Boo was three and I shared how we were getting on with it back then. It captured Boo’s attention from the first and she still enjoys it now, as a fairly competent reader. She also loves Mathseeds, also aimed at children from 3 years and upwards, and I can see why, as both programmes are fun and engaging, whilst being educational.

Little Man will be three next month, so I have started to introduce him to both ¬†programmes, too, and I’ve been impressed by how much he is taking in. He loves playing the games and adores Sam the ant (you’ll see!) and can now recognise some numbers and letters. He still has two full years before he starts school and I see Reading Eggs and Mathseeds as being really useful for us in the run up, to keep him busy and challenge him, as well as prepare him and give him a good start.

Both children are always keen to play on this, which is a challenge as we only have one PC and I don’t like to give them my phone! They take it in turns and will sit by each other watching to see what happens and I have to restrain Boo from taking over and ‘helping’ her brother.


Reading Eggs are currently offering a free 5 week trial, so you can use their Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programmes over the next few weeks to support starting school or a return to school. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend giving it a go, which is why I’m working closely with them now, and it’s free, so why not?! Sign up now and please do let me know what you think…

Disclosure: I’m a Reading Eggs ambassador

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