A Summer of Festivals For All

Last summer I discovered the joys of festivals as an adult. Yes, I’d been to them as a teen with friends, but back then it was all about the music, and then the warm beer and muddy fields, of course. I have fond memories of camping with my best mate at Ironbidge many years ago, and of course, we had to be at Phoenix festival in 1994 to see The Wonder Stuff play their last ever gig…though we’ve seen them several times since!

Last year, as a family, we went along to Wychwood Festival and had an absolutely fabulous time. The atmosphere was brilliant, and it felt so relaxing to be ambling around from tent to tent, stage to stage. As such, it’s our plan to go to a festival every single year now, at least one, though more if we can manage it. There was so much to see and do there for the kids, and plenty to keep us adults busy, too.

Helpfully, the team over at Sunlife have put together this handy interactive map of festivals, a light-hearted look with valuable insights, at some of the festivals on all around the UK this year for the older ones amongst us! There’s a great mixture of arts, theatre, film and food and drink, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.


I am particularly drawn to the Melton Mowbray Food Festival, as I really do love a good pork pie, and the Cornwall Gin Festival, which I feel needs no explanation at all! It’s ‘Celebrating the gin of the UK. A two day event of live music and gin appreciation’ – what more can we need?!


Which ones appeal to you?

Our next festival will be the Just So Festival coming up in August this year, and we are all really looking forward to that one.

Do you have plans to attend any festivals this year?

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