#SundayStationery – Share Your Pics With Us!

I thought I’d try something new for Bring Back Paper and introduce a little pretty paper at the weekends to ogle.

Every Sunday here I will be sharing a stationery photo, either something of my own or something that I spot when I’m out and about, and I’m inviting you to do the same, too.

The only rule is that it must be your own photo. You can share just the photo, no words, or tell us a little about it, it’s up to you.

For Bloggers

I will create a blog linky from next week for this. It’s on a Sunday and a bit of fun, so I will not ask that you go and comment on so many photos etc, there is absolutely no requirement for you to do that at all. This is more of a leisurely, browsing pretty papery pics opportunity. I will always entitle my post with the #SundayStationery tag, and as long as you include the tag somewhere in your social sharing, we’ll all be able to find you. It’d be great if you could grab my Bring Back Paper badge, too, which is over there in my sidebar, to help spread the Bring Back Paper love. The linky will be open all day every Sunday (GMT) from next Sunday, and is just about creating a space where we can peep at everyone’s stationery for a few minutes every week over a cuppa.

For Everyone Else!

Do not think for one moment that this is just for you if you’re a blogger, no, no, no! I’m asking you to share your photos every Sunday over on my Facebook pageย or you can just share your photo on Twitter or Instagramย – just use the #SundayStationery hash tag and feel free to tag me in.

Each Sunday I’ll share two of my favourite shots from the week before, further fuelling and indulging my love of pretty stationery. I’m also likely to Pin my favourites, too, on one of my many stationery-related Pinterest boards.

So to kick off, for this week’s stationery photo, I’ve chosen my new ‘Paris’ weekly planner from TK Maxx that I mentioned in Get Organised recently…

Paris Planner

I’m sharing it as it’s still untouched. I’m still having that ‘I don’t want to spoil it’ thing with fresh new stationery. I must get over this, as I could do with actually using it soon! Please make me use it!

The Reading Residence

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20 thoughts on “#SundayStationery – Share Your Pics With Us!”

  1. Gosh I love stationary, so will definitely be tuning in and maybe taking part. To do lists are my fave, I am constantly buying and never quite satisfied with the to do lists I buy, so I keep buying more until they are perfect. Love your Paris planner!
    Katrina x

  2. Sounds good! I look forward to browsing next weekend and joining in when I remember.. Like window shopping for stationery, one of my favourite things.

  3. I like this idea. My husband is constantly telling me I’m the only person left under 90 who uses paper based diaries and calendars. Plus I like to send letters and thank you cards via snail mail. I’m not much of a photographer but if I find something pretty will share. And I’ll be stopping by for inspiration.

  4. What a fab idea. I do love a good stationery ogle. We moved house a few weeks ago and I finally managed to unpack my notebooks today. I just couldn’t manage without them any longer. I totally understand why you don’t want to spoil your planner. I have been known to buy a new notebook and start all over again because I made a mistake in another notebook. Please don’t judge me. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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