Sunny Holiday Daydreams

It’s actually sunny! I’ve had my flip flops on and the sun tan lotion has been in use. And it’s only mid-April, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised. When the sunshine comes, and we’re getting out into the garden, my thoughts turn to holidays, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

We’ve yet to take our children abroad, but we keep having that ‘we will do it next summer…’ chat. I love the thought of being able to go onto the beach, the kids playing with their buckets and spades, in actual warm sunshine, rather than most of the holiday photos that we have so far like this…


It’s always coats, wellies and bracing winds!

I’m sure we will have sun at some point, and when we do go for it, for ease of travelling as a family, we’re bound to look at package holidays, where you don’t need to worry about anything as the whole trip is organised for you. Back when we holidayed before having children, it was about a mixture of sightseeing, culture, meals out and lounging by the pool. I’m just not looking for that kind of thing with two young children, so I like the idea of staying on a park that has plenty to do for little ones, so we can spend time there having fun and ‘relaxing’ (I use this term loosely, of course, as any parent of small children will understand!) and then having a few fun outings. So swimming pools, splash parks, play areas and kids activities are high on my list of needs, as well as comfortable accommodation and flights that aren’t too long for that first break overseas.

Looking around, and based on where we’ve been and enjoyed in the past as a couple, I think these would be my short-list choices:

The Algarve, Portugal
This was actually where the Husband and I first holidayed abroad together. I have fond memories of that break, as it’s a beautiful place, with lovely sandy beaches and pretty towns to wander around. The Husband could even sneak in a round of golf!

I adore Italy. Everything about it, the art, culture, food, language, sights, cities, and a personal favourite, the ice cream! It’s a gorgeous country, and we enjoyed a lovely beach holiday there a few years back, near to Venice, where it would be great to take the kids to see a city full of canals and beauty.

The Balearics
We’ve been to Majorca and Ibiza, and enjoyed both breaks. They’re nice, family friendly places. Easy to get about and see the island, often with water parks and zoos dotted about, and then lots of sunshine to play and splash about in the pool.

One day we will get there…

Where are you planning to holiday this year?

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4 thoughts on “Sunny Holiday Daydreams”

  1. blank

    Planning holidays is part of the fun isn’t it – we’re off to Germany cycling as I may have said (and am bound to say it a few more times too before we go 🙂 ) – we tend to be fairly last minute bookers and then get surprised when we have to pay straight away, but I can see that with kids you’d want to have things in place well in advance. I’m sure they’d love any of the places you suggest and will most likely surprise you too. Our first trip abroad as kids was Italy (we were older though 11 and 8) but the italians were so friendly with us, so it was a huge adventure.

    1. blank

      You did say, and I look forward to hearing more about that trip, sounds brilliant. Yes, with kids it helps to plan, and we’re now restricted by school times, too, but I think that’s where package holidays are handy as we could get late deals and know everything’s sorted for us anyway then. I do love Italy, I suspect that’ll be one of our first holidays abroad as a 4, too.

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