miniature dachshund

Herbie on sofa

Two Years Of Herbie

We’ve had two years of Herbie here. Two years. That time really has flown by. I realised we’d collected him from the breeders a little over two years ago when my photos started flashing up from a couple of years ago of a tiny Herbie! He was so utterly adorable, though he still is, of …

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Herbie Is 1!

How can this be? Our little Herbie is already 1! Today our pup is a one year old and I cannot believe how quickly that time has flown. This time last year we were just mulling over the idea of getting a dog again. Boo was very keen, Little Man was more unsure. But, he …

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Herbie on sofa

Herbie At 8 Months Old

Yes, our little Herbie, our miniature dachshund, is now 8 months old. He’s been with us for six months now and that has flown by, so I thought it was about time I shared a puppy update. How’s Herbie doing? Herbie has come such a long way since he arrived here at just two months …

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