In My Mailbox

Take At Look At My Happy Mail!

Today I want to share with you what’s been flying into my mailbox recently so you can take a look at my happy mail. 

I share over on my Bring Back Paper page my PO Box address, so that anyone can send over some happy mail whenever the mood takes them. And rather wonderfully, some of you have indeed sent me some lovely mail recently.

In My Mailbox

When I set up my PO Box, I really wasn’t sure whether it would actually get any use, but as someone who chats all things snail mail regularly, it felt like it was something I should have and share. And lo and behold, some of you have sent me things! 

You can take a good look at everything in my latest video here…

Isn’t it all lovely?!

I do love hearing from people and any day when snail mail arrives here is always going to be a happy day. Happy mail really does brighten days.

If you’d like to send any post to me, my address is:

Jocelyn Reading, Unit 45483, PO Box 15113, Birmingham, B2 2NJ, UK

You will also spot my address at the bottom of my weekly newsletters, and if you’ve yet to sign up to those, go do it now…


If you’ve not sent any happy mail recently, go put pen to paper today! Send your friend a little postcard, share your latest news with a family member, pen a long letter if you are in the mood to sit down with pretty stationery. 

If you love the idea of happy mail, do check out the ultimate guide for pen pals and get writing.

I hope you enjoyed peeking at my latest happy mail. Do share yours using the #bringbackpaper tag over on Instagram of Twitter, or drop by the Bring Back Paper Facebook group.

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