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Tapestries For Your Wall

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I want to talk about interiors and finding something that little bit different, that little bit special, for your home. If you are in the mood to try something fresh, then Fine Art America have a huge range of tapestries for your wall.

Tapestries can be a fun alternative to picture frames and canvases and are sure to create a talking point with guests. I think it’s great that a company like Fine Art America are offering them, as you may know that I have been impressed with them so far. 

fine art america tapestry

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is one of the world’s largest art marketplaces that helps over 500k independent artists earn an income selling their art online on dozens of products.

It has ranges of wall art, home decor, lifestyle, tech, apparel and stationery. Within each and every section, there are stacks of designs to choose from. 

I shared with you my Fine Art America review a few weeks ago and how happy I was with them. Take a look over there for more information about Fine Art America and to peek at my beautiful new canvas. I love it. Completely. 

fine art america tapestry

Tapestries for your wall

Is this something you have considered before? If not, maybe now is that moment! Fine Art America have lots for you to choose from. 

If you have a particular theme or design in mind, you can just pop over and use the search bar at the top. This is easy to do, but be prepared to be given plenty of choices!

If you are in more of a browsing mood, waiting to see what strikes you, you can shop by a variety of categories. 

fine art america tapestry

You might choose to look at funny tapestries, abstract tapestries, vintage tapestries, landscape tapestries, the list does go on.

You can also choose to filter by collection, or perhaps by size, which makes sense if you know exactly where you want to place your tapestry. 

It’s the vintage tapestries that drew me in immediately, and if you take a look too, you will see how varied the designs are there, even in this one category. I particularly like the old vintage poster style tapestries, 

After mooching about in the vintage section, I popped over to the typography tapestries as I do love a happy or motivational piece of wall art. They have a good mix of funny, sassy and thoughtful designs, something for everyone. 

fine art america tapestry

You can choose from different tapestry sizes and you can often also choose your orientation, so whether you would like it to be horizontal or vertical. 

In addition to the range of designs on offer, you can also opt to create your own design.

If you pop on over to the custom tapestries section, then a whole new world of tapestry opportunities opens up to you! 

You can upload your own design directly to the website and then choose from three different tapestry sizes. For peace of mind, these do also come with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

I do love the idea of wall tapestries. The more time I have spent looking into it, the more the idea has grown on me. It’s just a little bit quirky, isn’t it? A tapestry adds a touch of something fresh, a splash of flare to a room. 

I can also see the appeal of having something textured hanging on your wall. It could almost cosy up the space for you, and that’s not something you would normally say about wall art, is it? 

Have a browse yourself, and do let me know which designs you love. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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