Ten Years Ago This Week…

Ten years ago this week…

…I found out that I was pregnant. And our lives were forever changed.

Things were so different back then, I guess I was so different back then.

Ten years ago this week, I was all about my career. It was a good one, one that I liked and one that I was good at. I was an area manager for a building society and I was fortunate to work with some great people. Life revolved around the Husband, work, friends and holidays. But after eleven years together, we felt it was time to start a family.

I remember taking the pregnancy test, telling the Husband and letting our family know. I told my dad on his birthday, he was so happy! I remember it all like it was last month, not a decade ago.

Ten years ago this week, life was forever changed, I just didn’t quite realise how much at the time.

Aside from some early bleeding, my pregnancy with Boo was pretty smooth, unlike Little Man’s, and I enjoyed it (morning sickness aside!). I revelled in every new stage, looked forward to my antenatal appointments and had fun with all of the baby shopping and nursery decorating. I was at work full time during this pregnancy and it was a challenging but enjoyable few months.

And I guess that since the moment that Boo was born, the rest is history. But how life has changed!

I gave up my job, I had another baby, I started a blog, I discovered I could actually make a living from said blog, I completed a degree, and now both children are happy at primary school. Life has changed A LOT!

It’s funny how much can change in a decade. If I told my ten year younger self all of this, I don’t think she’d believe me.

Ten years ago this week I knew that life was going to be different, but I could never have imagined all that parenthood brings with it. How all-encompassing it is, how emotional it is, how exhausting it is, how wonderful it is.

Ten years ago this week, life shifted paths and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, little Boo, for all that you have brought me. I utterly adore you and your brother, and even in the moments that you are driving me up the wall, I would not change a thing about the last decade. It’s been a memorable ten years.

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