Thank Mum It’s ‘Fries-Day’!

I cannot be the only mother who gets to a Friday and just wants an easy evening with the kids? I spend all of Friday working on the blog whilst the kids are at school and in nursery, so come 3pm as I leave the house, I just want to collect the kids and get the weekend started. And it usually starts with a simple meal and plenty of cuddles and fun.

This is why I can totally get behind McCain’s ‘Fries-day’ initiative. It’s a chance for the kids to choose their favourite teatime meal on a ‘Fries-day’ night, for the whole family to enjoy. I often make it an easy dinner on a Friday, and now it’s even better as the kids are excited to be involved in choosing what we eat and in helping me to get it ready, bless them.

A firm favourite and simple meal here is pulled pork baps and fries. We use my slow-cooker pulled pork recipe, along with McCain Crispy French Fries and then the kids choose whichever vegetables they’d like. I love this meal as I just throw the pork into the slow cooker in the morning and then I don’t have to think about it until the kids are home and eager to sort out their fries and veg to go with it, especially as they can smell it cooking as soon as they get home. I think if there’s a bap and fries involved, it’s a treat tea!

They do take ‘Fries-day’ quite seriously, wanting to do every single thing! So I let them help me with the preparation and laying the table, and then I take over the oven and serving it all up.






I love our ‘Fries-day’ nights. They are so laid back. As well as the children enjoying their time in the kitchen, I am able to go and sit and chat to the kids whilst the dinner cooks as it requires virtually no overseeing which frees me up for cuddles and a catch-up. Tummies full, we then tend to watch a movie or play a game together, which just starts the weekend off perfectly.


Now that the children know that Friday is ‘Fries-Day’ and their time to choose and help make tea, they have already been making plans. Next week we will be having pizza, fries and sweetcorn, and they have even decided that it will be sausages, fries and baked beans the week after that – best make sure I get it all for them!

Do you fancy making Friday a #Friesday in your house with @McCainUK?

McCain Crispy French Fries are available from the following stores: Tesco – 1.4kg, £2.00 (current offer, was £2.80), Tesco – 900g, £2.00, Waitrose – 900g, £2.00.

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9 thoughts on “Thank Mum It’s ‘Fries-Day’!”

  1. lovely photos showing your children helping to prepare their tea. I love meals like this, i feel i put so much effort in to meals the rest off the week so it is nice to have a night off and cook food that they really love and want to eat! yay for #Friesday x

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